Fingers Point at Trump for Poor Handling of Pandemic, but Britain’s No Better


    Democrats across the country want to point fingers at President Trump for the way that he handled the COVID-19 pandemic. The infection rates have skyrocketed across the country and over 250,000 have died. Could things have been done differently? There’s really no way of knowing.

    Trump had an entire panel of advisors along with the CDC to help determine what needed to be done. He listened to science and medicine as opposed to basing decisions on fear. Meanwhile, Democratic governors like Cuomo in New York and Whitmer in Michigan made their decisions based on fear.

    Regardless of what states did, the numbers rose. Masks? The numbers rose. No masks? The numbers rose. There were lockdowns and more, only to see a second wave hitting the country.

    If you listen to Dems long enough, they’d have you believe that the United States is the only one failing right now. That’s when it’s important to turn attention over to Britain.

    The UK just reached a new milestone of 50,000 dead. When you compare populations of the US to that of the UK, 50,000 dead is an alarming number. Officials have been warning that COVID fatalities are in an upward trend and will likely continue for several more weeks.

    Here’s the thing about Britain. They’ve been in lockdown. Plenty of figures are now rolling in to show that lockdown “may have been rash” according to the Dailymail.

    Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, thought that the country had been improving. The new figures are a reminder that they are “not out of the woods yet.” The fatalities are likely to continue well into November due to the high infection rates found in the month of October. Many will take three weeks after infection to become severely ill and, finally, succumb.

    Throughout the UK, they’re seeing alarming numbers of infections each day – 22,000 a day this week, 25,000 a day last week. Additionally, there are fatalities reported daily that are 500 to 600.

    The UK has issued blanket restrictions to hinder the way of daily life. And, although there is a vaccine coming soon, Johnson said that it’s important not to expect an early end to the restrictions. They’re expected to continue through Christmas.

    Things had been improving for the UK, but they’re still not out of the woods. They’re dealing with a second wave regardless of what they did.

    Sound familiar? The United States is starting to see a second wave, too. Much of it is coming from states that thought they were well out of the woods. They didn’t think they had to be concerned at all – and now, there’s a spike in the death toll.

    So, is everything that Trump did or didn’t do why we’re in this mess? Absolutely not. It’s hard to blame Trump for something that is affecting countries around the globe. The UK listened to science, too.

    Part of the problem with the pandemic is the way that American culture is set. Everything is very much about not taking away liberties. We don’t want to be told what we can and cannot do. It’s one of the reasons why Trump allowed the governors to set the rules based on the needs of every individual state. Some states rose to the challenge while others failed miserably.

    The reality is that COVID-19 is powerful, it’s capable of spreading quickly, and it’s nothing like the medical community has seen before. If the liberals really want to point the finger somewhere, they need to start pointing it at Communist China. The problem there is that they want to become allies with China – the very country responsible for the outbreak to begin with.

    The good news is that the vaccine is offering a glimmer of hope. Meanwhile, the US is not alone. The UK and various areas of Europe are struggling just as much – and they, like Trump, are doing the best that they can.


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