Ditching the Electoral College is Still a Hot Topic


    The media loves to talk about the “what if” of getting rid of the Electoral College. After all, if they had been able to rely on the popular vote alone in 2016, we would have had Hillary Clinton as our president instead of Donald Trump.

    Now that it appears that Joe Biden won not only the popular vote but also the votes through the Electoral College, the conversation is back up.

    Is it not enough that the liberals won? Apparently not. The election was too close. They don’t want to risk someone like Trump sneaking through again…and so the talk of abolishing the Electoral College is back on.

    The Washington Post declared that it was time for the “majority” to rule.

    Is it really about the majority getting a chance to rule, though? Or, is it about allowing the liberals to win the election each and every time?

    The Electoral College was designed to make sure that everyone has a vote. Some of the smaller states like Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas would have their voices muted because of the mass populations in such states as New York and California.

    When you look at the population of California and New York, who predominantly vote Democrat, it would cause so many other voices to be silenced. Is that fair? Absolutely not. Yet, the liberals are so terrified of being ruled by someone like Trump again that they’re using that as a scare tactic to move forward with talk of ditching the Electoral College for good.

    The Washington Post has become quite a liberal rag over recent years. They are concerned about some of the states having a “disproportionate cloud” in the government. Luckily for those at the Washington Post, they don’t live in those smaller states. Those that do, however, would feel a lot differently.

    How dare smaller states have the same say as bigger states, particularly in the Senate. And they shouldn’t get to claim the same rights as bigger states, either. Who comes up with this trash? Whatever happened to the Constitution and the fairness that the Founding Fathers tried to achieve?

    The Washington Post has an answer for that, too: “The electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy.”

    What they really mean is that it’s no longer tenable for the Democratic Party. They don’t want to use any system that could allow a Republican to win.

    What happens the next time a Republican wins the popular vote? What are they going to decide is wrong with the system, next? Perhaps they’ll determine that larger states will be able to get two votes per person while leaving the smaller states with one.

    The Washington Post wants to put words into the mouths of every American by saying, “Americans are not going to be satisfied with leaders who have been rejected by a majority of voters.” What? Many Americans will be satisfied because we have faith in the system of the Electoral College.

    The majority of voters are still voting for the president by using the Electoral College. It simply allows for some of the smaller states to be heard over the roaring masses of a single state.

    The good news is that not all media outlets were on board with what the Washington Post had to say. The Heritage Foundation quickly spoke up to talk about the truth of the Electoral College and how it’s capable of protecting minority interests. Lyndsey Fifield, a podcast host, hit the nail on the head by saying that it’s not actually about returning to norms but about abolishing our founding institutions.

    Only the far-left liberals want to abolish the Electoral College. The media doesn’t get a say in the matter. The only thing we can hope for is that there are enough moderates to stand up and hold true to the founding institutions we depend on for a true democracy.


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