What the Military Can Expect Under Biden’s Administration (It’s Not Pretty)


    Joe Biden’s got big plans for the country, particularly when it comes to unity. However, he’s not going to achieve any of that unity if he doesn’t embrace the need for a strong military. There’s a reason why the US military is one of the strongest in the world – it’s well funded.

    There’s a good possibility that Biden will follow in the footsteps of Obama. This means that he’ll require the military to be where they need to be in order to keep the peace, but with significantly less funding. The military was where Obama always liked to cut from. That meant less money for training, for salaries, and for everything else.

    It wasn’t until Trump made it into office that military service members finally saw a decent pay increase. Throughout eight years of the Obama administration, the raises didn’t even cover a true cost of living increase. They were embarrassing to say the very least.

    What does Biden have to say about defense budgets and veterans’ issues? Well, that’s a great question. One that has been asked of the Biden campaign on many occasions – and one that has been evaded even throughout the primaries.

    Servicemembers were let go left and right under the Obama administration to make room for spending in other areas. Training budgets were scarce. And base housing became worse than ever.

    Do we have a promise that isn’t going to happen this time around? Nope. It’s likely that the military will once again have to figure out how to make it all work without getting the needed funding.

    The vagueness of where Biden stands on military issues is a red flag. Perhaps we should ask Kamala Harris where she stands, as it appears that she may be running things more than the average Vice President. Her platform was based on opposing a boost to defense spending but she did want to help veterans and their families.

    The cabinet selection for the Department of Veterans Affairs shows some promise. While we won’t know who it is yet, it appears that it’s going to be someone who has actually served. Further, Harris has been vocal at increasing the budget for the VA – and that’s going to be a big help.

    So, it appears that veterans will be taken care of. That’s if people are able to make it that far.

    However, Biden and Harris are both looking to end the transgender ban for the military. The problem with ending this ban is that it places a huge burden on the military’s medical budgets. Further, it can lead to problems with deployments. The US military has never been an equal opportunity employer. The people who enter must meet strict medical and physical requirements. Transgender individuals who are still going through the change require a significant amount of medication – medication that may not be available to them if they needed to deploy to the desert.

    Is it fair to exclude transgender people from the military? It depends on whether they can function without medication and by meeting the physical standards of their identified gender. If they can do that, welcome to the military. If they cannot, they must face a ban just like people with diabetes, asthma, weight problems, and a long list of other medical exclusions.

    The Biden-Harris administration wants to make it harder for the military to operate. They’ll want the help of the military when things get bad, but they don’t want to pay for it. They’re going to try to run the country like some kind of 1960s hippie utopia where they focus on peace and love. Perhaps they haven’t seen the world we live in – peace and love aren’t possible, especially not when there isn’t a strong military in place to help defend against those who have a different interpretation of peace and love than we do.

    Biden better start talking about his plans for the military as it’s making everyone currently serving more than a little on edge.


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