Ex-Army Green Beret Served Sensitive Information to Russia for 15 Years…He’s About to Burn in Hell for It


    Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, 45, currently residing in Gainesville, Virginia, is heading for the slammer once he pleads guilty of sharing secrets with Russia. The former Army Green Beret is preparing to do just that as he soon heads to federal court in Alexandria.

    The court records for Debbins case are not specific concerning exactly what he plans on agreeing with, but the guy is going down nonetheless. Debbins was initially charged under the federal Espionage Act for turning on his unit by divulging their location and activities to Russian intelligence agents while the unit was conducting secret operations in former Russian republics, such as Georgia.

    A Minnesota native, Debbins has spent the past 15 years feeding tidbits of information to his Russian buddies. It began even before he enlisted in the Army when he was still a senior ROTC undergrad at the University of Minnesota. He was apparently coerced into working with them after a trip to Russia to take part in an independent study program.

    While there, just to prove his loyalty, he turned over the names of four Catholic nuns he had privately visited. The nuns were flushed out of hiding and subsequently arrested.

    Debbins served as an Army officer between 1998 and 2005, with his final two years being spent in Special Forces. He lost his security clearance after being discharged for breaching protocol regulations during an assignment in Azerbaijan. Ignoring Army regulations, and if this is even possible to imagine, he brought his wife with him. He then allowed her full use of his secure Army-issued telephone, which for obvious security reasons is expressly forbidden.

    Once discharged from the Army, Debbins somehow arranged landing positions with various military contractors as a Russian linguist. At this stage of the game, it isn’t certain how much sensitive information he might have forked over, but with all certainty, it happened.

    The indictment Debbins is presently being served with alleges that he provided his Russian comrades with the names of his fellow warriors, along with any other information, pertinent to the cause or not, he could muster up. This all happened while on assignment in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

    The indictment indicates how Debbins told Russian intelligence agents he considered himself a “son of Russia.” He also told them how he “thought that the United States was too dominant in the world and needed to be cut down to size.”

    Debbins married his Russian bride in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk where the two met in 1997, and his dear old mom was born and bred in the former Soviet Union. Nothing fishy about that. Right?

    In Debbins hand-scribed confession, he admitted how in 1997 he had given a note to Russian intelligence expressing his desires to serve Russia the Motherland. They wasted little time in welcoming him into their family.

    “I had a messianic vision for myself in Russia, that I was going to free them from their oppressive government, so I was flattered when they reached out to me,” Debbins wrote in the confession.

    Though he now professes to have seen the error of his ways, it’s too little, too late, and Debbins must now face the consequences for his Benedict Arnold-like decisions that could have very easily cost American lives.

    As far as can be told, his willingness to spill the beans never resulted in any detrimental activity or the loss of lives, but the very matter remains of how this could have just as easily not been the case. And at that particular juncture in time, Debbins didn’t care.

    You have to wonder, is the regret this traitor is now experiencing merely the result of his being caught? Is he regretting the jail time he is about to serve or is he regretting the act of espionage itself?

    More than likely this wannabe Russian patriot would be doing the exact same thing had he not had cuffs slapped on his wrists. It kind of makes one wonder if there are others just like him serving in America’s armed forces, or working for military contractors in sensitive locations.

    If this is the case, the best we can hope for is to bring them down one by one, just like this creep who deserves zero leniency.


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