Lindsey Graham Feels Honored to Have Squad Calling for Resignation


    It’s funny how the Squad feels as though they can bully their way into getting what they want. They make ridiculous demands because they don’t understand how the government works.

    Lindsey Graham, a US Senator from South Carolina, has been part of the Senate for decades. He isn’t one to be bullied, and he’s certainly not going to listen to the Squad as they call for his resignation.

    Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are among the loudest Squad members calling for his resignation because he allegedly suggested tossing legally cast ballots in Georgia. There was no attempted voter fraud from Graham, and if they would quiet themselves long enough, he’d have a chance to explain.

    Graham has said that the question was about rejecting absentee ballots. As far as trying to attempt voter fraud, he has reminded them that Republicans have fought hard to prevent fraud from happening.

    That’s not good enough. Omar and Tlaib are calling for his resignation. That’s when Graham laughs and takes it as an honor. He says that he is doing things right when “the most radical liberal politicians” are asking for his resignation.

    His tweet says it all, saying that he understands why they don’t want him in the Senate. He promises that he’ll bury their agenda because they’re a bunch of Socialists. He goes on to say, “You would transform America and make it Venezuela. I’m gonna stand in your way. I’m not going anywhere!”

    What the Squad fails to understand is that there’s a system. They were in a third party to a situation where Graham was on the phone with Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger.

    Graham asked a question having to do with the ballot system and at what point it’s necessary to reject ballots because the signatures aren’t matching. While the question could have been worded better, Graham was inquiring about the verification system. Raffensperger interpreted the question in a different way.

    Does that mean Lindsey Graham should be forced to resign? Absolutely not. However, there are too many Squad members who are more on edge than ever before. They don’t feel comfortable with their numbers in the House or the Senate. All of their talk about socialism and their radical agendas have scared too many voters. So, they’ll do what they can to get the Republicans out of office.

    It’s why Graham has tweeted out to say that he’s not going anywhere. He’s promised to bury their agenda – and he will do that not only with the help of the GOP but with the growing moderate Dems who are sick and tired of being called socialists.

    As for voter fraud, it’s not fraud when the South Carolina Senator is pointing out that there’s a problem with the way that Georgia verifies the signatures on mail-in ballots. The state compares the ballot to the ballot request form. That leaves room for a lot of fraud. Instead, Graham argues that the signatures should also be compared to a driver’s license or some other legal document.

    Why is Graham even bothering with contacting Georgia and even Arizona? Well, he’s the one who has to explain to President Trump how the verification system works. The mail-in voting signature validation is the issue that Trump is struggling with accepting – and when Graham gets close to learning about it, he’s accused of voter fraud and the Squad jumps on him to get him to resign.

    It seems that Graham may have stumbled upon a system that is broken – or at the very least, opens up to the possibility of voter fraud. He’ll keep pressing the issue because that’s what he does best.

    As for whether we can anticipate Lindsey Graham stepping down any time soon, it’s not going to happen. He wants to make sure that the country doesn’t fall victim to the Squad and anyone else trying to turn the US into the next Venezuela.


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