Media Goes Off Deep End and Attacks Vice President Pence


    The media is acting like President Trump lost the election. They think that they could pull a fast on the president and the rest of the nation as they flooded the election with fake ballots. Their reporting leaves a lot to be desired as they divert attention away from the lawsuits that are going to put some of the Democrats behind bars for a very long time.

    Even in the final days of his first term, President Trump is largely being erased from the media. Everything he did for COVID-19 and the economy is slowly being credited to Biden, even though he is not the president. They act like he is their beloved king.

    But things are not done, and there is a lot that is going to happen in the next few weeks as the lawsuits turn into trials. But until that day, the president and his administration still continue to work for the people.

    Vice President Mike Pence was able to another pandemic meeting, and the media tore into him like he was fresh meat. There is not respect that is coming from the liberal left or the media right now. Their hatred for conservatives is high, and it is spilling over into horrible actions towards other Americans.

    At the end of the task force meeting, Pence was not going to field any questions because of the way that the media has been treating people in the White House. The media thinks that they have a right to ask questions anytime that they want. But briefings are not those times. They will just have to wait until the next meeting.

    But those reporters that think they control the White House were not going to leave it alone. The demon-possessed reporters yelled at the vice president, stating that he and the rest of them were keeping their beloved god Biden from his rightful place.

    These are the reporters that stay calm when Biden speaks, and they are the ones that do not ask him questions. Their favoritism of their Democratic patron is simply ludicrous.

    They never asked Biden about his son Hunter or any of his illegal dealings with China. All they would do is get up and walk out the door. The censored treatment of people by the media is unparalleled in this country. They are acting like the media in China.

    Every time Biden would shun them and walk away, they would not say a word. They simply got up and left the room. But when Pence started to leave, he was lucky not to be grabbed and flogged by the reporters.

    The machine gun effect of slurs and hateful remarks from the media made a spectacle to the world. They screamed out that “You’re all undermining the Democratic election! Every one of you!” The world is watching the greatest nation in the world turn into a daycare center with a lot of babies fighting over the toilet.

    Mike Pence was extremely respectful with all of the toddlers. Pence is a master in the way he treats people with respect and dignity even when they hate his guts for being a Republican.

    The media hates the fact that the president is the one that will be credited with a vaccine for the virus. They loathe the fact that they had to admit that President Trump gets the credit. And because of that fact, they hate him all the more.

    The media are like a bunch of demons seething their fire, waiting for their time to reign terror in a lousy movie. President Trump was able to get the things done he did because he worked with the people and not over them. Biden acts like a fat lord trying to overtax the people to have one more turkey on his table.

    The sick media horribly attacked the vice president. They fail to report any good news about the accomplishments of President Trump. And they certainly do not have the interests of the country at heart. They would rather destroy a nation that admits the truth.


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