President Trump Still Protecting Americans as He Bans Russia From Flying Over the Country


    President Donald Trump is still the man in charge. Joe Biden may be acting like he is the man of the hour, but he is nothing more than a pathetic puppet in reality.

    The president promised to make America safe and secure, and that is precisely what he has accomplished in the past four years. He recently made the decision to pull America out of a treaty that basically allowed Russia to spy on Americans without intervention.

    The Open Skies treaty allowed each country to fly over each other’s territory without being shot down. The purpose was to allow the other to know what the other is doing. The problem with the treaty is that it was not fair.

    Russia put in place so many restrictions that it essentially kept America out of Russian air space. Like all the other bad treaties the Democrats made, President Trump pulled the country out of them all.

    Mike Pompeo stated that “The Open Skies Treaty was meant to contribute to international security, but it has been twisted and perverted in its implementation and now serves Russian purposes inimical to that security.” The treaty was nothing more than a one-way window for Russia to spy on Americans.

    President Trump promised Americans that he would make their country safe again. Pulling out of this treaty was one step in the right direction. Pompeo stated that is “A cornerstone of President Trump’s National Security Strategy is to protect the American people, the American way of life, and American security interests.”

    The president was clear from the start that any treaty that was not fair was doomed to end. Pompeo pointed out that “Russia’s implementation and violation of Open Skies, however, has undermined this central confidence-building function of the Treaty — and has, in fact, fueled distrust and threats to our national security — making continued U.S. participation untenable.”

    They found a way to make the treaty work to their advantage. They try to fly missions that are not allowed simply for the purpose of testing American responses. Essentially they are testing to see if they can effectively invade should the chance ever come up.

    Russia kept American planes out of sensitive air space. Any region that was subject to contention was also off-limits. They had “illegally placed a restriction on flight distance over Kaliningrad, despite the fact that this enclave has become the location of a significant military build-up that Russian officials have suggested includes short-range nuclear-tipped missiles targeting NATO.”

    Russia has no interest in working with its neighbors. They only seek to expand their influence and borders in any way that they can. The lust to return to the former glory days burns within their hearts. And the way to do that is to undermine their western enemy.

    Russia loves to fly over sensitive American air space regions. They hope to see a glimpse of the latest technology being developed. The push to destabilize the globe by Russia is an exact replica of their communist days. They slowly infiltrate to destroy and then takeover.

    The United States withdrew from the treaty officially on November 22. That means Russia no longer has any right to violate American airspace. They cannot look down on private citizens to see what they are doing.

    Joe Biden has already stated that “Instead of tearing up treaties that make us and our allies more secure, President Trump … should remain in the Open Skies Treaty and work with allies to confront and resolve problems regarding Russia’s compliance.”

    His words mean nothing. Russia will never submit to any kind of force to comply with the terms of the treaty. He is delusional to think that they would.

    Russia has a long history of looking out for itself. Something that Democrats should learn as it applies to American interests. They are so worried about appeasing other nations that they forget that Americans come first. President Trump put Americans first. And that is why he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had.


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