The Left’s Class War Is Targeting the Poor and Middle Class to Enrich the Ultrawealthy and Politicians


    The leftists of America have been engaging in open forms of class warfare for some time now. Of course, they have convinced the rest of the country that they are waging war against the upper class. Nothing could be further from the actual truth. The left has appointed themselves as the upper class and they are going after anyone who stands in their way.

    They may critique the neoliberalism that they claim to dislike but let’s be clear on this. They may claim that they do not want to see wealth transferred from the poor to the rich but this is exactly what they are trying to do in their own right. There are two major pieces of evidence that need to be considered here.

    The Brookings Institution wrote a piece about the voting breakdowns of the past election. According to their research, the small minority of counties Joe Biden won represent 70 percent of the nation’s economic output. On the other hand, the counties that Trump won only represent 30 percent of the nation’s economic output.

    “Biden’s winning base in 477 counties encompasses fully 70% of America’s economic activity, while Trump’s losing base of 2,497 counties represents just 29% of the economy. Biden’s counties tended to be far more diverse, educated, and white-collar professional, with their aggregate nonwhite and college-educated shares of the economy running to 35% and 36%, respectively, compared to 16% and 25% in counties that voted for Trump,” the piece shares.

    We all know what is going to come next. The so-called redneck rubes that voted for Trump are going to get a speech from the leftists about how they are so silly for voting against their own self-interests. Some may know this tired conversation as the “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” argument. The leftist’s gist here is pretty easy to understand.

    They want everyone to vote the way that they want and if they don’t? They are told that they are the problem with America. However, we find ourselves wondering why the opposing argument is never made. Why are the people who live in richer neighborhoods not taken to task for being willing to vote for Democrats?

    After all, why wouldn’t they vote for the GOP candidates that are actually going to work to lower their taxes? Why aren’t these people given the condescending speeches that the leftists are always doling out? These are the speeches that no one asks for but they are regularly trotted out anyway. The left’s arguments when it comes to peoples’ economic interests only seem to head in one direction.

    Liberal Democrats used to care about helping people that were less fortunate than them, regardless of political affiliation. The counties that are not as prosperous as the coastal regions are getting the short end of the stick. The liberal voter is not thinking about anyone but themselves. They are going to line their own pockets, at the expense of everyone else. Some might buy into the idea that they still care but it’s not supported by the facts.

    For example, what’s the biggest piece of progressive policy that they are looking to ram down America’s throat? They want to forgive student loan debt. There is just one problem with this: this policy is only going to benefit households with a higher level of income. This is the sort of wealth transfer that the left has been angling for. With Biden in office, they stand a much better chance of getting it.

    That’s why the working class has such a strong Trump devotion. Even the most powerful Democrats can admit it. “I think it is fair to say that in many ways the Democratic Party has become a party of the coastal elites, folks who have a lot of money, upper-middle-class people who are good people, who believe in social justice in many respects.

    But I think for many, many years the Democratic Party has not paid the kind of attention to working-class needs that they should’ve,” said Bernie Sanders last month. This is the party that will now have control of the White House…..goody.


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