Troops Can Say They’ll Be Home for Christmas


    All troops want to do is to spend time with their loved ones around the holidays. While it’s nice that many companies send care packages and work with loved ones back home to send holiday wishes via video, they actually want to sit down to watch their kids open packages and to kiss their significant others under the mistletoe.

    It looks as though more troops will be able to say they’ll be home for Christmas.

    Although Trump wasn’t able to secure the presidency for another four years, he was able to give American troops an amazing gift. Peace.

    As peace deals were brokered throughout the summer, it allows more troops to pack their bags and head stateside. It means that more people will be able to spend the holidays with their families.

    Many of the longstanding wars have been coming to an end. Trump may be at the end of his term, but he’s still the president. And, he’s got big plans as it pertains to the troops.

    Right now, Trump is fighting to accelerate the withdrawal of U.S. troops from counterterrorism conflicts. This includes withdrawing troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

    A draft order is currently making its way around the Pentagon. It would cut the U.S. forces in Afghanistan in half. The same is expected to happen in a number of other countries, too.

    Trump has had a long-term goal of reducing the military engagements against the Islamist insurgencies. It’s been a significant cost for the U.S. and Trump wants to end the mindless spending – especially in some of the fragile countries located throughout the Middle East and Africa.

    Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, U.S. troops have been all over the globe to reduce the spread of terrorist attacks. After 19 years of being deployed in areas that have only led to an ongoing war, Trump is bringing many of the troops home. And the military couldn’t be happier with these orders.

    Does pulling troops to be home for Christmas leave the world vulnerable? Yes and no. However, the U.S. cannot be the only ones to shoulder the costs. At some point, other countries’ troops have to be actively involved in suffocating the Islamic State across Syria and Iraq, too.

    Additionally, we’re not withdrawing all troops across all countries. The goal is to reduce the troop counts by about half. There would still be troops to protect some of the oil fields that are held by Syrian-Kurdish allies so that they are not seized by the president of Syria.

    There are plenty of discussions happening behind closed doors to determine where it’s possible to pull troops. And, as troops make it home, others will be deployed. It’s all a way of maintaining specific positions without keeping more away from their families than absolutely necessary.

    Every military member that is deployed in combat zones is given hazard pay. It means that it’s not just the cost of salaries and housing and aircraft maintenance to maintain our troops across the country. It’s more expensive to be in the combat zones. And, if they’re not needed, there’s no reason to have them there. Bring them home so that it can lead to happier holidays.

    For those who will remain, the best that we can hope for is that they’ll be given leave in order to head stateside at some point in the next month or two. The only way that such leave will be granted, however, is if the pandemic numbers start to subside.

    There’s no perfect scenario. Stay in a combat zone or head to the U.S. where there is an out-of-control pandemic. Either way, Trump is doing what he can while he is still president. Although Biden’s pushing his way into the White House more every day, Trump is still the leader. And the leader wants to see our troops come home.


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