Progressives Show How Much They Hate the Public but Love Their Gatherings


    Democrats all over the country are showing their true colors and how much they hate Americans by the way they are acting. Their hypocrisy leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth every time they shut down their regions and then go off and doing things that contradict their rules. People are sick of the left peaking in their windows looking for lockdown violations.

    Every last conservative is ready for the country to open. The economy has made a fantastic comeback, and now it is time to push it forward. But those lousy liberals are getting in the way. They continue to impose cruel policies on people that are already hurt from the first round of liberal attacks.

    Food pantries have seen hundreds of new families coming by because they are in need of food. And the entire time, the liberals sit in the stolen castles eating the very bread that should be given to the people that voted them into office. But the lords of the manor no longer care and are going to walk all over the people.

    Nancy Pelosi has blocked a Republican back bill that kept money from being sent to people in need. She demands that people obey COVID-19 lockdown rules and at the same time marches around with no mask on to a solan to get her hair cut.

    Gavin Newsom incriminates Californians if they violate the rules. But he gets to fly to Hawaii and attend massive dinners, all in violation of the COVID-19 lockdown rules. It was not until his own family was exposed to the virus that he finally got shutdown.

    The Democrats’ issue is that they want to advance their socialist wish list at the expense of the economy and the people. They have stated that they will not help people unless the Republicans give them things in return that are not related to COVID-19.

    Democrats demand that they be given everything they want, or they will not work with a person or pass any bill that comes along for a vote. Pelosi would rather keep Americans in starvation mode rather than lead a movement to help people compassionately.

    The Democrats may cry for equal rights for women, but they push them out of the workforce by demanding that schools close and kids engage in learning from home. This has led to over a million women staying home and leaving the workforce. Their words are not matching up with their actions, and it is really angering many people.

    One primary news source stated that “Female-dominated industries, including healthcare, education, elder care, service, and hospitality, have been among the hardest hit by the COVID-induced recession. When the pandemic first overwhelmed the U.S. in March and April, hospitals began furloughing nurses and medical assistants who primarily worked on elective procedures.”

    Daycares all over the country saw a significant drop in enrollment because mothers could now stay at home with their little people. Women have found that their support for work has all but disappeared. The liberals say they want women to work, but they do not give them the support they need to get the job done.

    Gavin Newsom saw to it to shut down the schools in 41 counties in California. But he allowed the one private school his kids were attending to remain open. The duplicity of his actions is just sickening at best. Millions of kids are told to fall a year behind in school only to watch the governor play favorites with his own kids.

    COVID-19 gave the liberals their platform to institute a socialist form of rule. There are long lines at the stores as products are in short supply, and there are long lines at the food pantries because no one has money to buy food with. The progressive agenda is a package of destruction. And the liberals are doing their best to hide that fact.

    Americans are told by the socialist left to equalize the opportunities that they have. But now that things are turning bad, the left is rising above everyone else and refusing to give up their privileges. They have no intention of working for the people or helping them put on their table. All they are concerned with is making themselves happy.


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