Must See! Watch This Election Observer Recount What Really Happened in Michigan Election (Video)


    There are a number of Republican poll challengers who are trying to do things the right way. In a world full of cheaters and liars, they are the only ones left with some form of common decency. Andrew Sitto is one of them and he is here to tell his story. We just hope that there are still some media sources out there who are willing to listen.

    Sitto claims to have seen all sorts of illegal behavior. It’s clear to see that these voting centers became a total free for all but no one saw fit to amend their behavior. Official poll workers were caught in the act of stealing votes for the current president and passing them along to the president-elect. This should never have happened but this is the way of the world now.

    Democrats cheat and lie all day long. They do not care who catches them and they do not care who sees. Sitto also caught a glimpse of the infamous 4 AM ballot drop for Biden. He even saw the ballots spread out on tables and there is very little that can be said to disprove what he viewed with his own eyes.

    If you have noticed, the mainstream media has become very fond of a few terms. One of them is “gaslighting”. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, gaslighting is what happens when you clearly see something take place, only to be told that you are wrong actually. This is exactly what is happening here and the irony is so rich, we could choke on it.

    According to Sitto, these people were given very distinct marching orders. They were asked to run votes through the tabulation machine numerous times, despite the fact that this is not considered legal in any meaningful way. Other witnesses are backing up the story that is being told by Sitto and he is not the only whistleblower who is looking to make things right here.

    Americans simply want to know that their elections are not going to be tainted in any way. “I didn’t see any ballots with legitimate reasons to be duplicated. Every ballot was normal,” Sitto said. Why isn’t anyone reckoning with what he is saying? It’s as if people are just ignoring the problem and hoping that it goes away.

    “The moment [the Republican poll challenger] looked away, they filled in the Democrat ticket,” he continued. A man who personally saw voter fraud taking place is being treated as if he is a liar. That’s very sad to see. We just wonder what it would take to snap the leftist media out of their stupor and keep them from going forward.

    As soon as they were given the all-clear to start sucking up to Joe Biden, it’s like any story about blatant voter fraud gets swept under the rug. Feel free to correct us if we are wrong here. Poll workers were also seen with pens, which Sitto believes were being used to illegally change ballots on the fly. This is a lot of evidence that is being ignored by mainstream media members.

    Which one is going to speak up first? Tucker Carlson has tried his best but Twitter conveniently decided to shut down, just as he was spreading the word about Biden corruption. Funny how that works, eh? “I’ve made reports about this,” Sitto said. At this stage of the game, we are going to go ahead and highly doubt that anything has been done yet.

    People file reports like these all the time and nothing is happening. They seem to think that they can just wait the situation out. “There were two systems. There was their system and our system. Their system was very open and welcoming to their people. And our system was ‘Fall in line. Follow the rules. COVID restrictions,” Sitto concludes. Be sure to check out his video if you would like to learn more about what really took place!


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