Body Bags? That’s the Way Activists Expect to See COVID Relief from the GOP


    Why is it that the activists of late don’t know that it’s easier to catch flies with honey? It seems that no one knows how to be patient or even to be civilized. They’re bombarding GOP senators with body bags on the front stoops of their homes.

    Angry protesters want to see some kind of COVID-19 relief in place.

    They’re not alone. Everyone wants to see the COVID-19 funding roll out. Many people don’t feel as though the stimulus check in April was enough – and it wasn’t. However, hauling body bags out to the homes of such senators like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell isn’t the way to get it done.

    Yes, there have been more than 270,000 people who have died in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic. Many of the body bags were tagged with signs that said, “Trump COVID Death.” The problem is that the reason for the deaths is not the fault of just one person.

    Trump allowed the states to deal with the pandemic. That means that each governor is responsible for what they did (or did not do) to deal with COVID-19. Where are the body bags in front of Cuomo’s house since he allowed the sick elderly to go back into nursing homes? Where are the body bags in front of Newsom’s house since he opened the economy up way too soon?

    The progressive activists have to stop placing blame on Trump. At this point, it’s going to be up to Biden to do something.

    If they really want to look at someone to blame in Congress, they may want to look at Nancy Pelosi. One of the main reasons why packages didn’t pass is because Pelosi wants to include stimulus checks for every illegal alien in the country – and those who are here illegally shouldn’t be tying up funds.

    They don’t want to blame one of their own, though. SPACEs In Action group posted on Twitter to blame McConnell because he’s been “blocking House-passed COVID relief for months.”

    Perhaps they need to take a close look at what’s in that House-passed relief bill. Much of it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It’s all to help out the illegal aliens and the sanctuary cities. It’s not doing much to help Americans – and that’s why McConnell is blocking it.

    GOP Senators share many of the same frustrations as those who want to see the relief. Senator James Inhofe has voted for added COVID relief three times, all since September. It is the Senate Dems blocking the legislation.

    As a spokesperson for Inhofe says, “May I suggest they try sharing their concerns with Speaker Pelosi or Sen. Schumer?”

    As usual, the progressive activists are leaping to conclusions and choosing tactics that are vile and bullying rather than bothering to do any kind of research. They’re going to have to wait a little while longer for relief – and so is everyone else.

    There’s already a $908 billion bipartisan agreement that is in the works so that an economic shutdown doesn’t happen. The problem is that it’s not going to help everyone. There is no stimulus check. It’s only going to provide funding for small businesses, aid to the state and local governments that don’t know how to manage a budget and provide $300 a week extra for those who are on unemployment.

    Is this what they want? Do the activists believe that this will be enough? If the answer is no, they better start dragging body bags over to Pelosi and Schumer’s house, too. The bipartisan group that has worked on the new deal is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

    There’s no perfect solution when it comes to obtaining aid because everyone’s situation is different. However, it’s safe to agree that body bags being delivered to doorsteps is never going to be okay.


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