A List of Literal Criminals Biden is Putting in the White House


    We all knew that Biden wasn’t going to make the best choices when it came to filling the White House. However, we had at least hoped that he would have had enough sense not to fill it with criminals.

    Apparently, that was asking too much.

    Biden has chosen someone to lead the transportation transition team. In theory, choosing the Head of LA Metro sounds like a great idea. After all, if there’s anyone who knows about traffic and transportation, it’s the CEO of LA Metro in Los Angeles.

    Only, that person is Phil Washington. It’s highly likely that Kamala Harris had a say on this one and whispered it into Biden’s ear.

    The problem with Washington is that he does a lot more than just overseeing the running of buses, subways, and trains. He’s also been known to get himself into hot water. There are two current federal criminal investigations being done where he’s involved.

    His agency unknowingly distributed counterfeit N95 masks to the staff early on in the pandemic – and then failed to tell employees once they discovered the issue. Not only that, but they lied about it to their staff, unions, and even the media.

    As if that’s not enough, Washington and other Metro executives improperly awarded a no-bid contract responsible for answering a sexual harassment hotline to a close friend of Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor.

    Washington is just full of surprises. A whistleblower has even come forward to say that in June, Washington personally participated in handing out black armbands to Metro employees at the start of each shift to signify that they support Black Lives Matter.

    Wow. That’s quite a track record for Washington – and that’s only what’s gone public and what’s been done this year. And it’s all public, yet Biden and Harris still think it’s a good idea to choose him to lead the transportation transition team.

    As far as the one who may lead the Department of Transportation, that would be the current mayor of Los Angeles – Eric Garcetti. He’s one of a few names that have been mentioned. It seems that Garcetti has managed to hide quite a number of sexual harassment allegations from the press. This includes Garcetti saying that he didn’t know of any incidents, despite one of his top aides, Rick Jacobs, being accused of misconduct on countless occasions.

    Why is it that Biden feels the need to turn to criminals to fill the White House? There are plenty of hard-working Americans who are more than capable of filling the various positions within the Biden-Harris administration.

    Biden had made big promises during his campaign to say that there was going to be a significant amount of diversity as well as positions being filled by Republicans and Democrats alike.

    Apparently, he’s decided that he wants to be the ultimate Democratic politician – say one thing and do another.

    Biden’s okay with criminals entering the White House for his administration. He doesn’t care that Washington has a horrible track record of not being a leader for those within LA Metro. Insufficient PPE for employees, no hazard pay for drivers, and the list goes on of how he’s been unable to help his crews during the pandemic.

    Yet, he’s going to lead the transition team for transportation. What does that really say about what Biden’s standards are? We should be worried that he doesn’t care about any of this.

    Why can’t we just get someone who is caring and who hasn’t broken laws? Is that really too much to ask? With Biden headed to the White House, absolutely. It’s all a matter of who has worked with Biden or Harris in the past and who checks the boxes for what they believe diversity is going to look like.

    Is there a fast-forward button to get through the next four years as quickly as possible?


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