Carbon Emissions or Carbonated Soda? Here’s What a Biden Admin Would Do to the Price of Your Favorite Drinks


    It will come as no surprise to many conservatives that if former Vice President Joe Biden does find himself the primary resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in just over a month, there will be a lot of changes to America we know and love today.

    While most of what voters are concerned with is centered around voter fraud, international exploitation of American trade and economic benefits, and the erosion of our governmental system, we would do well not to overlook the little foxes that would also begin to gnaw away at free society.

    As so often happens when a group of people have zero concern with an overblown government, the bureaucrats that Biden has chosen to be part of his presumed White House dream team are already imagining ways to stick their government noses into private industry.

    According to CNS News, at least two of the would-be-president-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks are coming up with ways to tax something as non-descript as soda.

    CNS News reports: “Biden’s choice to head up the Office of Management and Budget (OBM), Neera Tandemn, has voiced support for two different costly soda tax proposals that would hit low-income Americans the hardest, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) analysis reveals.”

    The analysis showed that “If one of these sugary drink taxes were imposed, it could result in a 55 to 67 cent tax on a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. A single 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola costs anywhere from $1.25 to $1.70, so this tax could total 50 percent of the cost of the product. With the Tanden soda tax burden, the cost of a 12-pack of soda could increase by $1.11 to $1.44.”

    Why soda you ask? Well, you probably should be asking, why not soda? An out of control government is one that will dig their claws into anything and everything that goes up to, but not quite over the line of pushing citizens to the brink of war. They don’t want to be overthrown, but they do want to push the peasants (aka taxpayers) to the point of breaking, while not quite breaking them down.

    To make matters worse for the Biden/Harris campaign platform, CNS News reported that in the case of this particular diatribe against working-class Americans, it’s also thought that this would impact the lower-income groups the most.

    “A tax on sugary drinks would also be extremely regressive and disproportionately harm low-income Americans,” CNS News reported. “In fact, according to a 2018 report from the Tax Foundation, 47 percent of the tax collections from a sugary drink excise tax would come from households with income under $50,000.”

    The publication went on to explain why they think the potential next administration will enact this tax. According to CNS, Biden’s choice for Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, “is a founding member of the Climate Leadership Council, a group lobbying Congress to pass a national carbon tax … such a carbon tax would cost Americans more than two trillion dollars over the next ten years, while sharply raising the average American’s energy costs.”

    According to a report generated for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, an almost identical carbon tax plan “would generate $219 billion a year, on average, between 2020 and 2030.”

    Yellen says she’s counting on “the combination of social injustices exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, and wildfires in California” to increase the needed support for her climate tax plan. According to Yellen, the tax would also help “readjust” an American society “where capitalism is beginning to run amok.”

    So hold on to your big gulps folks, Biden’s people are trying to fix perceived racial injustice by taxing those with below-average income. But hey, never let it be said that a Democrat let a tragedy go to waste.


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