Total Fraud! Chair of Maricopa County Reveals Truth Behind Voting Machines


    The pressure from the public is making the states take a better look into the election process. For weeks the media and state leaders downplayed what the president was saying about the fraud and influencing by the liberal left.

    But now that there are thousands of accounts and eyewitness testimony flooding the airways, the states are being forced to listen better to what is being said.

    The state legislature in Arizona was reluctant to meet over the issue of election integrity, but the public pressure pushed them through the door. For weeks officials have been stating that the election was fair and honest, but that is all changing as the evidence is piled up before various legislatures.

    Maricopa County GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman cannot stay silent any longer. She has finally worked up the bravery to come out and state that she saw votes for President Trump being changed in the voting machines to be counted for Joe Biden. Her testimony was done in an affidavit.

    Government officials are coming forward and announcing that there is something wrong with Joe Biden being declared the winner. Both herself and the other watcher saw the votes being counted for Biden when they were clearly for President Trump. The machines were programmed in such a way as to take a certain number of votes from Trump and give them to Biden.

    Brickman stated that “I observed, with my Democratic partner, the preparation of a new ballot, since the original one was soiled, or wouldn’t go through the tabulators. I read her a Trump Republican ballot, and as soon as she entered it into the system, the ballot defaulted on the screen to a Biden Democratic ballot.”

    Many people in that same counting-room clearly mentioned that they saw the same anomaly. The fact that the liberal counter saw the error and did not mention it shows the Democrats are cheats. She reported the error to the supervisors, but they were not going to do anything about it.

    Brickman was taken aside and told that she was causing a problem. She was threatened by being told that she was “bringing up things that I shouldn’t have.” She was also told to keep her mouth shut. She stated that “They were told that their voices would be suppressed, they would have to leave the room and not work there again. I’m here because I think this is our duty to speak the truth.”

    But Dominion has denied all of the accusations. The company officials are going to deny the accusations because they are controlled by socialists who want to see the United States destroyed. These voting machines are rigged, and no one wants to admit that they are.

    Brickman refused to sign off on the election count because of the problems. She mentioned that there were signatures being approved that clearly did not match what was on the envelope.

    The people simply pushed the ballot through because they were running out of time. Nothing matched, and none of it made any sense. Other than the Democrats threatened people with harm if they told what they had seen.

    Brickman also stated that “There were at least 30 ballots that I saw at one time, that were signed by the same handwriting but on different voters’ names. When I asked if the county attorney would be alerted for possible fraud, I was told ‘no,’ that supervisors would take care of it.”

    Brickman noted several times when a Trump vote was rejected for any reason. But Biden votes were accepted no matter what. It was clear to her that the election had been rigged to cause Biden to win.

    President Trump warned about the Democrat’s move to rig the election. And now that they have done it, he has been proven correct. His team of lawyers is traveling all over the country looking for and piling evidence to support what is playing out all over the country.

    Joe Biden was behind the most significant fraudulent election of all time. He is not the president. Trump rightly won the election. This was another way that the left would try to attack him and oust him from office.


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