Scared of COVID? Why This 104-Year Old WWII Vet Isn’t!


    How is it that we’re supposed to be terrified of COVID-19? The Democrats want to lock the entire country down, taking the economy with it. Even the CDC keeps it simple: Wear a mask, socially distance. Fine, let’s do that but let’s not shut the world down.

    A World War II veteran has recently beat COVID-19 and has gone on to celebrate his 104th birthday. So, if a veteran like Major Wooden can survive the pandemic, shouldn’t that give us all hope?

    We really need to look at the numbers of the coronavirus. If we listen to the media, the entire world is on fire and everyone in the U.S. is dying. But is it really that bad?

    The majority of the deaths are still within the elderly – particularly in nursing homes where the social distancing can be difficult. Other deaths are within the elderly in the prisons where there is poor circulation of air.

    Although the number of deaths in the U.S. has risen, the death rate itself has not. In most instances, the survival rate is still above 99 percent. That number may drop in the elderly as well as in low-income areas, though for the average American, the survival rate is 99 percent or above.

    Isn’t that high enough? Isn’t that worth being able to live our lives? Yes, we want to be cautious of our fellow Americans, but we cannot simply allow all of our rights and freedoms to be yanked simply because the Democrats are using fear tactics.

    In Alabama, Major Wooten can serve as an inspiration for all of us. Throughout World War II, he repaired trains damaged by bombs in France. Although a bit mentally fuzzy and emotionally drained, the Major was able to recover from COVID-19 so that he could celebrate his birthday.

    Madison Hospital even shared a video of the veteran wearing a face mask as medical workers sang to him as he got discharged.

    Holley Wooten McDonald, Major Wooten’s granddaughter, talked about how it was amazing that he was able to recover so quickly. She mentions that one of the most important things was that they were able to get him tested and treated right away. He tested positive on November 23 after his daughter (Holley’s mother) had gotten the virus.

    Major Wooten received the monoclonal antibody therapy known as bamlanivimab, which has been recently approved. Holley said that he started doing better within 24 hours. His lungs are now “clear as a bell.”

    So, not only did Major Wooten survive but so did his daughter as well as another family member – one who had to spend a week on a ventilator.

    It’s a happy story indeed – but it’s also an eye-opener that more people are able to survive COVID-19 than many in the media want you to believe. The reason that there are more stories about the deaths than about the survivors is to keep Americans in fear. Through fear, the Democrats can slowly take away a number of liberties.

    Are people dying because of COVID? Yes. Are people surviving, too? Absolutely.

    There are more medications and therapies that are being used to help clear the lungs and improve blood oxygen levels. Medical professionals have learned a lot over the year to make it easier for people to survive COVID.

    Anyone who gets tested and seeks treatment right away is going to have a better chance of surviving. Those who choose to hide from getting tested and those who have preexisting conditions are the ones who don’t have good outcomes.

    We can beat this. We’re all in this together.

    There’s no need to close the economy and make people suffer financially for this illness. More people will survive it than die from it. Major Wooten has made an incredible recovery – and so did the others in his family.

    Now, if we can focus on getting more stories like this across the country, we’ll be able to stop living in constant fear of the pandemic.


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