Science? Newsom Spits in the Name of Science with New Lockdowns


    What’s with all of the Democrats who want to ignore science? What gives them the right to make decisions for citizens if they’re not even going to listen to medical professionals?

    We have to stop letting fear be the one to guide us toward making bad decisions – and Governor Newsom of California is making some really bad ones right now.

    Shut it down! Shut it down! Newsom’s so scared of the rising numbers that he’s demanding that small businesses, barbershops, salons, and other places are shut down. It’s going to send the economy into a tailspin, and it’s not even going to help.

    The small businesses aren’t the ones responsible for the outbreaks. It’s the prisons, the nursing homes, and the constant gathering of large groups. Small businesses may be the only ones actually following the rules – yet they’re the ones that are being punished.

    The White House Coronavirus Task Force has clashed on Newsom’s decisions to lock down the state. Although Dr. Fauci has said that the governor “didn’t have any choice,” there’s also Admiral Brett Giroir stating that the decision isn’t based on things like “science” and “evidence.”

    Giroir is right when he says that the shutdowns are “counterproductive.”

    Newsom’s planning on shutting the state down tighter than he has all along. Retail would only be able to operate at 20 percent and hair salons, bars, and indoor dining would have to close entirely.

    Is this what’s going to help the state get under control, though? Absolutely not. Giroir has already said that this kind of decision isn’t based on science.

    People aren’t getting a positive case of the coronavirus because they got their hair done or because they dined inside of a restaurant. They’re getting it because people aren’t getting tested. They’re getting it because they’re knowingly exposing themselves to large groups.

    Newsom says that he’s “clear-eyed that this is hard on all of us” but that’s questionable. He admits that it’s hard on small businesses and that’s why there are new grants and tax relief efforts. Oh? Well, the grants and tax relief is coming from the federal government. He can’t offer any of that because he’s managed to bankrupt the state. And the reason that the state is bankrupt is that he’s not collecting taxes because businesses can’t operate.

    Newsom has been successful at one thing: creating a vicious cycle where the economy continues to tank.

    Fauci has told CNN that Newsom didn’t have any choice but to lock it all down.

    Will it really be locked down, though? Unlikely. That’s the thing. Newsom has lost the respect of so many Californians. He is one man. He can’t possibly police all that’s going on in the state. Mayors and police chiefs have already come forward to say that they’re not planning on adhering to his restrictions.

    At this point, Newsom can put all of the lockdowns that he wants into place. If there’s no one that will follow through on them, he has lost his ability to lead.

    Giroir, who is not only on the Coronavirus Task Force but also the assistant secretary for Health and Human Services says that there isn’t data to support the need to “shutdown outdoor dining or outdoor bars.” He goes on to explain that there’s a need to limit indoor spaces that are crowded.

    Giroir is in support of keeping the economy open, talking about the critical importance of wearing a mask. He identifies that many restaurants have taken “tremendous” measures to socially distance tables and even add plexiglass. When those measures are in place, there’s no need to shut down.

    So, we have Newsom who doesn’t want to listen to science. If he’s going to do what’s counterproductive, where does that leave Californians? And is this an experiment to see what Biden can get away with once he officially takes office? No one wants to see a lockdown – and Giroir is right when he says that it “could be causing a lot more harm.”


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