Bernie Sanders Tells the World the Dems Stalled COVID Relief on Purpose


    Bernie Sanders has finally come to grip with the truth that America hates him. The wrinkly old socialist finally realized that he is not the popular man he has thought he was all along. The only reason people voted for him in the primaries is that they felt sorry for him. The policies and methods employed by the Democrats have been their undoing, and one of them finally admits that they are failures.

    Sanders just could not help it when Jake Tapper interviewed him on CNN. Things were going along just fine until Sanders started spilling the truth about how the Democrats have been acting over the past four years.

    His big mouth started to confess that the nasty Democrats purposely dragged their feet to the point that they deliberately stalled any relief for the country because of COVID-19. He also complained about the Democrats and their willingness now to accept a smaller package.

    Sanders and his contemporaries just cannot seem to make up their minds on what they want to support. Sanders admits their fickleness when the Democrats reject a $1.8 trillion relief package and start acting like they want a $908 billion package. It just does not add up.

    Sanders would rather have a deal that destroys America. His socialist plan would take the billions from the Americans that have worked hard for it and see that it is distributed to lazy losers. His thoughts to destroy the rich takes away the stable balance that comes with them being able to provide millions of jobs to people because they have the capital to employ people.

    Nancy Pelosi has not been the big helper that she should have been either. The Democrats in America hate the country and the people that live here legally. They love the illegal aliens and the terrorists that want to blow it all up. So, there is no reason to think that they would ever support any bill that was not tainted with their liberal plans.

    Pelosi and others walked away from just about every relief bill that has come along. Tapper would later state that “Well you talked about that $1.8 trillion bill that the White House — Steve Manuchin the Treasury Secretary — was working on with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats walked away from that bill…” It was at that moment that Sanders cracked and admitted, “That’s right.”

    This generation of Democrats wants everything they demand or is unwilling to work with the other side. They will not settle for anything less than what they demand. Tapper also pointed out that “…because they wanted $2.2 trillion and they walked away from $1.8 trillion. Was that a mistake?”

    Sanders would have to admit, “That’s what I’m saying. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Here was a proposal much, much larger. Democrats say ‘no, that’s not good enough,’ and now we’re prepared to accept a proposal which has, I think, $350 billion in new money, and which has, we believe, I believe to the best of my knowledge, this corporate immunity language as well.”

    Sanders unwittingly pointed out the hypocrisy and drive behind the liberal’s greed. He stated that they are not willing to compromise to get part of what they want. They are like spoiled brats that want everything now and the way that they demand it.

    The new bill will provide billions to people and businesses that are still struggling under the oppressive thumb of the Democrats. And they are the ones that do not want to give the aid needed to help pull the people out of the hole. Small businesses and employees need help, but Sanders and his entourage of crooks will not help by signing a Republican based bill.

    Sanders complained that the Republicans were still stalling on the bill right after he just told that it was the Democrats. He stated, “What we need is a compromise. I know I can’t get everything that I want. But this bill really is not a compromise. It gives the Republicans almost everything that they wanted.”

    During a pandemic, it is not about what the other side gets or does not receive. It is about helping America stay great.


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