News Alert: Ilhan Omar Caught In COVID-19 Scandal


    lhan Omar is back and worse than ever as she graces the public with her forcibly covered head. Her Islamic demeanor and smug facades just scream scandal. Her devious plan to have an affair with a man that owned a consulting firm was sinfully pleasant to her, given how she needed to set herself up with a nest egg for retirement.

    The questionable contributions and payments that she made to Tim Mynnett were suspiciously enormous, given the fact that she had been sleeping with the man while both of them were married to other people. Money could have been placed on whether or not Omar and Mynnett would have eventually tied the knot.

    Omar uses people for her selfishly parsed out lifestyle. She saw a financial opportunity to steal millions of dollars from the American people when Mynnett started working with her. All she had to do was get him to divorce his wife and join up with her for her political terror duration.

    It is amazing, though, how Omar accuses the Republicans of questionable behavior when her proverbial closet is full of lust and immorality. Omar and her unfaithful husband are accused of stealing money that should have gone to hurting COVID-19 sufferers.

    The anti-Semitic worm Omar and her flabby hubby were able to get $625,000 given to them to bail out his consulting business. This is the same man that was just paid millions of dollars from Ilhan Omar’s campaign. Millions of dollars that ended up right back in her personal Omar sized pocket.

    A company that is financially able to weather the pandemic should not ethically apply for assistance like Mynnett has done. Both of these two creeps saw a chance to make more money for themselves, and they both dove headlong into the middle of it all.

    Mynnett’s firm has been paid millions in the past few years for his service. There is no need for a successful business to have that much of a need. Except he and Omar wanted the extra money to pad their pockets. It is amazing how a poor refugee or even a bartender such as the AOC can serve just two years in the House and turn out to be millionaires.

    The House of Representatives is a bunch of people that serve the people. The money they are paid is just enough for them to live in the Washington area. Under normal circumstances, no one would be able to profit millions in just two years. They would have already been investigated and tried for money fraud.

    The money they stole from the people was supposed to go to needy people and businesses that had actually been hurt by the pandemic. Ed Morrissey stated that Mynnett’s firm earned over $4 million in the past year. And two years before, they only earned $145,000. With such a significant jump in profits, there is no need for federal help.

    Omar and her hubby made $2.8 million from the Islamists campaign. And yet, they have learned fast how to hide their money laundering schemes well. When the two thugs are questioned about their behavior, they dodge the questions and refuse to give a comment.

    Omar lied when she stated that she was not using Mynnett’s firm. She stated that to “make sure that anybody who is supporting our campaign with their time or financial support feels there is no perceived issue with that support.”

    She went on to deny her actions and his by stating that “Every dollar that was spent went to a team of more than twenty that were helping us fight back against attacks and organize on the ground and online in a COIVD-19 world.” There would be no need for a defense if the campaign and candidate were honest and upright from the start.

    She claimed that her immoral husband, Tim Mynnett, got nothing more than his regular salary. One can make statements like she did when the salary is high and unjustifiable. The two immoral thieves have ripped off the American people again. It is just a matter of time before their home is a four-room cemented cage with bars.


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