2nd Graders Get Lied to Thanks to Liberal Agenda


    Liberal agendas can be extremely dangerous – especially when they begin to play with young minds. Second graders in San Antonio had to question everything they have been taught about who the President of the United States is.

    There are some facts that cannot be erased, no matter how much the Democrats hate them. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were elected by the American people in 2016. They were inaugurated into office in January 2017 – and that’s where they will remain until January 2021.

    Who is the current president and vice president, then? That would be Trump and Pence, respectively.

    There may have been an election that has resulted in a new president and vice president being chosen, but they do not take office until January. That will be the case every four years when there is a presidential election.

    Shouldn’t second graders be taught about the way in which presidents take office? Shouldn’t they be taught about the important timing that takes place between the time of Election Day and Inauguration Day?

    Not according to a school in San Antonio, Texas.

    A homework assignment was given to children that asked a few questions with a “fill in the blank” style format. The answers that the students could choose from were listed at the bottom.

    Students had to answer how often U.S. citizens get to vote for a new president and even who the first president of the United States was.

    The biggest problem is that when it gets to two important questions. “Our current president is” and “Our current vice president is” are listed as two questions. The problem is that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are nowhere to be seen in the list of choices that the students can choose from. Who is listed, of course, is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

    What kind of garbage is this?

    Pearce Elementary School in Southside ISD needs to take a good look at what their teachers are trying to teach the students. It likely led to a lot of confusion – even second graders know who the president is.

    If the question were rephrased, it would have been possible to see how Biden and Harris would be the right answers.

    The assignment was given on December 1, however, and it asked about the “current” regime.

    The Democrats have never wanted to admit that we’re dealing with the Trump/Biden administration. The teacher who wrote these questions is probably one of those “Well, he’s not my president” kind of people. No doubt, that teacher probably cannot answer the question of who their president is, then, if it’s not Donald Trump since they’re residing in the United States.

    Briscoe Cain, a Texas State Representative, was contacted by one of the parents in the second-grade classroom. It was important to show that this is the kind of homework being given in a civics lesson.

    Cain responded by saying that the assignment should have never been allowed into the classroom because it wasn’t an accident or an oversight. “It’s an overt act of brainwashing children.”

    It’s unclear as to whether the school has responded to what happened in the homework assignment. The teacher should have to go through their very own civics lesson if they really do believe that Biden and Harris are the president and VP of the country, currently.

    It doesn’t matter who won the 2020 election – the current president remains the same. To teach children anything different is irresponsible and an absolute lie.

    So, now, parents have to monitor homework being sent from schools to ensure there is no brainwashing going on. This is something that would be expected out of California schools. It happened in Texas, though, a predominantly red state. It’s one of the reasons why it made the headlines and why Representatives were contacted. This cannot be tolerated. It’s unfair to the children and to civics lessons, in general.


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