Clinton Wants Electoral College Abolished, and Who Is She to Ask for Anything?


    Yes, we know, Hillary. Had it not been for the pesky Electoral College, you would have won the presidency. After all, you did win the popular vote simply because California and New York voting for you.

    The Electoral College, however, is what ensures that every state gets a say in who the president of the United States is. Otherwise, it would be solely the residents of California and New York deciding every four years. Smaller states like Iowa, North Dakota, and Missouri would be muted.

    How is that fair? It’s not – though the Democrats have proven time and again that they don’t want to play fair. They want to control everything and expect everyone to just go along with it.

    Hillary Clinton doesn’t know how to let anything go. She’s recently started calling for the Electoral College to be abolished…again.

    Clinton tweeted, “I believe we should abolish the Electoral College and select our president by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office.”

    Well, thanks for your opinion. Who are you again? You’re not a Senator, you’re not a Representative…you’re, oh wait, you don’t have a position. You’re one voice in the sea of Americans.

    Clinton also goes on to say that she was proud to cast her vote in New York for Biden and Harris. Was that supposed to be a surprise? She makes it seem as though we wouldn’t have known who she was going to vote for.

    Hillary Clinton was with Bill Clinton and Governor Cuomo along with 26 others to be the electors to cast the vote for Biden/Harris in New York.

    Why is it that the Electoral College needs to be abolished when it does its job?

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter because she won the popular vote by 3 million. However, she didn’t win the Electoral College – and she didn’t even come close with an impressive 74-point lead for Trump. It proves that there were more states who wanted to see Trump as president instead of Clinton.

    In 2020, the tables turned. Biden won the popular vote and he got the Electoral College vote. Biden had the lead everywhere – which meant that there were enough states who wanted to see what Biden could do instead of Trump.

    The Democrats won and yet Clinton still wants to go on about why the Electoral College doesn’t work. Why is it that there can never be anything done based on being fair? Clearly, she could care less about what the residents of smaller states have to say.

    Hillary Clinton has wanted to ditch the Electoral College for years – it goes back to the 2000 elections when former Texas governor George W. Bush won over then-VP Al Gore. After all, Bush won the Electoral College vote but not the popular vote.

    It’s the way it goes – and it’s clear how it works based on basic mathematics. Take a look at the populations in some of the larger states. California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania are the states with the highest populations – and three of those are traditionally blue while two are traditionally red. Should we just vote based on what these five states have to say? Of course not – and that’s why the Electoral College must continue to exist.

    For Hillary Clinton to continue to argue this just shows that she either doesn’t understand mathematics or is so insistent that Democrats win every time that she’ll play dirty just to get the W.

    At this point, Clinton can tweet all she wants about what she’d like to see happen. She’s not in a position to demand anything. She’s a disgraced Former First Lady and a washed-up senator. She has nothing new to offer the country. She didn’t win the presidency, she’ll never be president, and she continues to prove that she’s a bitter woman who can’t let go of the past.


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