Mass Genocide. That’s Why Trump Wants to Distance US from WHO


    Democrats around the country lost their minds when Trump decided it was time to distance ourselves from WHO. Yes, he did it in the middle of the pandemic. Why? There were a number of good reasons.

    It comes down to knowing what’s best for the country. The United States shouldn’t be the one to financially support other countries. They helped to aid China in covering up the origins of the virus and were responsible for how rapidly it spread to other parts of the world.

    Now, will WHO leave the country in danger? Absolutely not. There is still the CDC as well as countless medical organizations that will work with the pandemic, clinical trials, and everything else that goes on, medically speaking.

    The World Health Organization isn’t the important hub that it pretends to be – though Democrats shunned the idea of leaving WHO.

    Biden has already promised to reverse President Trump’s decision on day one of getting into the office. Great – we’ll pay more money to WHO and continue to receive little to no benefits for the $500 million paid to them every year.

    It’s not just the money or the Chinese cover-up, though.

    Mass genocide is a pretty big reason to distance from WHO.

    Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, is currently facing prosecution for mass genocide.

    He has been involved in quite a bit when it comes to directing security forces in his homeland of Ethiopia.

    No matter what WHO may have to offer that is good within the medical community, it is hard to condone mass genocide. After all, this isn’t just anyone who has allegedly committed such a crime – it is the very head of the organization.

    David Steinman is an American economist who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – and he’s the one who has accused Dr. Tedros of the crime. After all, he’s one of three officials who were in control of the security services in Ethiopia from 2013 until 2015.

    From 2005 until 2012, Dr. Tedros served in the capacity of health minister – and foreign minister until 20166. This was all while the communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was the primary ruling coalition.

    Oh, and the TPLF has been listed in the Global Terrorism Database.

    So, by being a part of WHO, that means we’re associating ourselves with terrorists simply because of who is heading the organization.

    Steinman lodged the complaint in The Hague at the International Criminal Court, identifying that Dr. Tedros was a “crucial decision-maker” that led to the killing, detaining, and torturing of Ethiopians.

    Dr. Tedros has been heavily applauded by the Communist regime of China saying that “he has done a good job.” Well, communists have to stick together, right?

    The WHO leader has already been asked to resign – by General Bernhau Jula, the army chief of staff in Ethiopia. Apparently, in addition to committing mass genocide, Dr. Tedros may also be guilty of procuring weapons for the Tigray region.

    Yeah, so the United States needs to get as far away from WHO and Dr. Tedros as possible. Why would we willingly stay with an organization that is being applauded by the Chinese Communists and being run by a communist who thinks it’s okay to commit genocide?

    Trump has been right all along to provide this distance and to get out from under WHO.

    If Biden thinks it’s okay to get back into WHO, we really have to consider the direction that the Democrats are trying to take the country. First, WHO, and then communism? At the very least, if WHO is going to be in the country’s future again, there has to be the demand for significant reforms – including requiring that Dr. Tedros resign from his position.

    We cannot allow such a connection to exist. President Trump made the right decision, but, as usual, the Democrats want to fight against him.


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