Stop the Madness! Orange County Sheriff Refuses to Enact Judges Order to Release Child Molesters and Murderers


    Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes is currently fighting back after a Superior Court judge has issued a truly insane order.

    As prisons look to release their violent criminals back into society, there are no shortage of issues that have begun to arise. While we understand the necessity for reducing prison populations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are limits to these philosophies.

    The inmates that are being released as a result of this order are not harmless by any stretch of the imagination. Of the 1,858 inmates that are being released, almost 200 of them are molesters and murderers. That does not sound like the type of element that anyone should want in their neighborhoods, does it?

    The ACLU pushed for this because they do not care about America one iota. They claimed that they wanted to protect inmates that are “medically invulnerable” but this was never about that.

    It was about flexing their political muscle. Of course, the radical judge who was involved in this case was more than happy to see it their way.

    Sheriff Barnes is not about to let this order pass by without doing something about it. The other cowards may allow these types of things to take place but Barnes is not one of them.

    He is going to be issuing an appeal to the judge’s order in the appellate court. According to him, the inmates pose a major threat to the general public and we could not agree more.

    “I have no intention of doing that, of releasing those individuals back into the community. I think they pose a serious threat,” says Barnes. This is a man who believes in law and order.

    “We’ve released 1,400 inmates to date since March for low-level offenders. The only inmates remaining now are serious offenders,” he continued.

    Barnes also alleges that all of the inmates that have tested positive for the virus remain asymptomatic at the moment. So why do we need to allow for the release of hundreds of dangerous criminals? We wish that we had a good answer to provide here. In the meantime, these are the sorts of questions that need to be directed to the ACLU.

    “A judge orders @OCSheriff Don Barnes to release half of county jail inmates due to COVID concerns. Sheriff Barnes says many are too dangerous to be on the loose and asks judge to ID each prisoner by name “pursuant to his authority, not mine.” @CBSmichelegile reports for @CBSLA,” tweeted Jeff Vaughn yesterday. It is clear to see that he is preparing for a fight.

    We are, too. That’s not to say that we are looking for a physical altercation but we do anticipate a lengthy battle in the courts. No one wants to see inmates exposed to a deadly virus if it can possibly be avoided but no one wants to see murderers and child molesters unleashed in their community either. It’s a catch 22 but the ACLU has managed to come up with a plan that does not help out either side.

    Small business owners and other Americans who are in desperate need of help are receiving nothing. Meanwhile, various criminals are being given the chance to rejoin society.

    It’s like the priorities of America’s elected officials are all backward at the moment. They do not want to help anyone through the difficult times, they simply want to appeal to the leftists and win woke points. This is Biden’s America.

    Everyone will be jockeying to make sure that they are falling in line with the new way of doing things. Law and order are about to go even further out the window than they already have.

    This is exactly what President Trump was looking to avoid during his term. Unfortunately, there are too many Americans who did not agree with the things that he wanted to do. They are now going to learn the hard way. Best of luck!


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