Biden Wants You to Know That Things Will Never Go Back to Normal According to His Surrogates (Video)


    Was this ever about the virus at all? The more time that passes, the more we realize that was always a political play. MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta says that even those who are vaccinated are not going to be able to shed their masks. You won’t be able to travel without having a face mask on and it does not matter if a vaccination has been provided.

    This is the part where we start to laugh. This is not what the president envisioned when he got started on “Operation Warp Speed” earlier this year. Now that it has been successful, the mainstream media is looking to tear it all apart. Trump discussed the breadth of this amazing achievement at the Operation Warp Speed Summit recently.

    MSNBC’s @VinGuptaMD: “Just because you get vaccinated after the second dose does not mean you should be … traveling … or that you’re liberated from masks.”

    — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) December 15, 2020

    “We’re here to discuss a monumental national achievement. From the instant the coronavirus invaded our shores, we raced into action to develop a safe and effective vaccine at breakneck speed. It would normally take five years, six years, seven years, or even more. In order to achieve this goal, we harnessed the full power of government, the genius of American scientists, and the might of American industry to save millions and millions of lives all over the world. We’re just days away from authorization from the FDA, and we’re pushing them hard, at which point we will immediately begin mass distribution,” he said.

    It’s all true. The normal time for a vaccine turnaround is much longer and Americans were being told that they should not be expecting the vaccine before the year was over. Trump proved them wrong and now a vaccine is actually prepared for mass distribution. This is everyone’s chance to admit that they wrong but that’s not happening.

    Instead, the liberals have come together to throw a wet blanket over the nation during a time when people need good news. Instead of letting the world know that it will soon be okay to resume public life, the Biden cronies have come out to tell us that they are not recommending it at all. Even when vaccinations are complete, we are being told that we still have to live in fear.

    It’s not fair but nothing is at the moment. The liberals’ hatred of Trump has caused them to make lots of bad decisions and none are worse than this one. “Before Operation Warp Speed, the typical timeframe for development and approval, as you know, could be infinity. And we were very, very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before. The gold standard vaccine has been done in less than nine months,” Trump continued.

    As for Dr. Gupta, he had a different take on the matter. “There’s a source of confusion…one of the misperceptions out there is just because you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in an out-of-control pandemic or that you’re liberated from masks,” he said. The conclusion that he drew here was a tiring one.

    “Everything applies until all of us get the two-dose regimen and we don’t think that’s gonna happen until June or July. We don’t know if vaccination prevents serious illness or does it also prevent you from getting infection entirely?” he inquired. We cannot believe that MSNBC would allow him to sit on national television and lie through his teeth like this.

    Sadly, this is the way that America will be run now. The Democrats won’t want to relinquish the powerful advantages that they enjoy as a result of the pandemic. They are going to ignore the survival rates and blame any discussions that do not go their way on the conservative media. It is in their best interests to pretend that the pandemic is never going away and 2021 is going to be chock full of stories like these. Prepare yourselves accordingly for what is about to happen.


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