Trump’s Legal Advisor, Jenna Ellis, Said They’re About to Drop a Bombshell That’ll Shut That Fat Lady Up


    As Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell cash in their chips and call it a day, much to the displeasure of President Trump, in the eyes of at least one individual they were premature in making their decisions.

    While Barr is busy cleaning out his desk and McConnell’s fingers are crossed that he doesn’t have to do likewise, Jenna Ellis, one of Trump’s legal advisors, is telling American’s to not so quickly jump to conclusions the way those fool-hearted guys did.

    In an interview with the Epoch Times, Ellis said in reassuring words, “I would just say to the American people: Take heart. This is not over yet. And we absolutely have every intention of continuing to fight for election integrity.”

    With former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani leading the charge for Trump’s legal team, they are battling the clock 24/7 in their strenuous efforts to once and for all preserve the sanctity of America’s voting mechanism. They’ve been behind closed doors building the motherlode of all cases.

    Sure Dec. 14 has come and gone and the Electoral College has already done its thing, but this in no way means Trumps’ legal team has run out of time. They, as well as state legislators, have until Jan. 6 which is the day when Congress officially certifies the electoral vote count.

    As things presently stand, there are two sets of votes in the highly contested battleground states. One set reflects the fraudulent vote count. The other one shows the actual count as it should be, with Trump as the clear winner.

    This comes after Republican electors in seven states cast alternate votes for President Donald Trump, setting up a new challenge for Congress when they count the votes next month. Critics argue that those votes are merely symbolic and have no force of the law. However, alternate votes have been accepted by Congress before.

    Here is the legal team’s holy grail. In seven states, Republican electors who were aware of the election not being on the up-and-up huddled together and cast their own alternate votes in favor of Trump. Democrat naysayers are arguing how the alternate votes represent nothing more than a symbolic gesture from a pissed off party.

    However, it would seem these critics need to brush up on their history, and here’s where things get good. It was the Democrats who in 1960 cast their own set of alternate votes. It was on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless, the Dems felt it necessary to pursue the action.

    It was only one state versus the current seven. Amid a contested recount, Hawaii’s state governor certified the elector’s votes in favor of Richard M. Nixon over John F. Kennedy. Democrats from the state submitted their own alternate vote count, and Congress accepted it. This one list from this one state helped turn the election in Kennedy’s favor.

    Republicans from the seven contested states said their action is an effort to validate Trump’s legal claims as Guiliani and his team continues to dig into the counting of illegal votes. As an interesting side note, both secretaries of state from Nevada and Pennsylvania have only received certified vote counts from the Democrats. The Republicans have been holding off.

    Ellis in no way feels that overturning the election results should fall solely on the shoulders of state legislators. She firmly believes we all share the burden as American citizens.

    “It’s incumbent, though, upon every American—regardless of who you voted for, whether or not you like the outcome of this election—to stop any cheating, to stop any lawlessness, to stop anything that runs afoul of the U.S. Constitution to make sure to protect free and fair elections. I think there is a movement among the American people who really want to get to the bottom of these questions.”

    So while Barr and McConnel may have given up the fight, and the Dems are dancing to the fat lady’s song, at least according to Jenna Ellis, “They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”


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