More Hypocrisy! Democrat Governor Parties at Wine Bar Without Masks After Issuing Lockdown Orders for the Plebs


    Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo is one of the many Democrats who is using the pandemic as an excuse to issue overly punitive lockdown orders. Everyone was told to stay home and wear masks if they decided to go out. “It’s week two of our pause. I know it’s been hard, but I want to thank every Rhode Islander who’s following our guidance. Please, stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with. Together, we can turn our case numbers around,” Raimondo tweeted.

    That’s the same “we’re all going to get through this together!” rhetoric that always seems to come about when these governors make their rules. From there, all of that is forgotten and they go about their lives like nothing is wrong. Like many Democratic governors, she was not willing to live by the rules that she set and this is where numerous citizens have found fault with her.

    She was photographed at a local wine bar with her husband and to make matters even worse, she was not even wearing a mask at the time. Is a wine bar even considered to be an essential business? Regular bars cannot even stay open but the chi chi wine bars that serve the wealthy and powerful are allowed to stay open. That makes a whole lot of sense.

    Luckily for us, her server managed to get a photo of the hypocrisy and she has been exposed for her lies. MRCTV has the scoop. “Despite ordering the shut-down of “bar areas” and imposing harsh “social distancing” edicts, despite her government saying, “Restaurants may NOT operate any recreation or entertainment activities and must prevent access to any such areas on-site,” not only did someone in the room capture photos of Raimondo Rex, her excited SERVER posted a photo of the Gov and Hubby, accidentally confirming the hypocrisy,” the report begins.

    We thought that the server was merely trying to speak truth to power but as it turns out, she was on the governor’s side! That makes this even more ridiculous. This governor wanted to step out to a wine bar without the working class catching onto her but she was undone by someone who just wanted a picture of her. The irony is delicious.

    “The State’s guidelines call for a ‘pause,’ on freedom, and specifically say that restaurants can’t offer ‘recreation or entertainment activities.’ Restaurants may NOT operate any recreation or entertainment activities and must prevent access to any such areas on site.’ Bar areas are also supposed to be closed in restaurants as part of these rules,” the report continues.

    This all seems pretty open and shut to us. She lied to the residents of her state when she said that they were all in it together. “But despite the fact that she was aware that her health director has COVID, her guidelines tell people only to go out for essential services, her mandates require no entertainment activities, bar areas have to be closed, businesses are shut down, and you must socially distance yourself from non-family members, Gina went out on Friday night with her husband to a bar called Barnaby’s in Providence and was seen sitting at the bar, drinking wine without a mask on as part of a ‘paint and wine’ event,” MRCTV shares.

    Look, anyone can understand the desire to unwind with a glass of wine. The pandemic is doing a number on everyone’s mental health. The governor should have had her glass of wine at home, like everyone else. Lockdowns for thee but not for me! Raimondo has been breaking protocols since the lockdowns began and this is just the most egregious example.

    Not to worry, though. She’s finally going to do the right thing! “Thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered well-wishes. I tested negative again today. I am fortunate to be feeling great and will continue working from home during my self-quarantine,” she tweeted earlier this week. Better late than never, we suppose.


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