As India Gets High, It Highlights the Dangers of Marijuana


    The U.S. is teetering on a dangerous ledge when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. Not only is it being allowed for medicinal purposes but many states have also decided to legalize it for recreational use.

    As more Democrats become bolder toward legislation, they’re wanting to legalize it on a federal level.

    Marijuana has always been deemed as the “gateway” drug. While there are over 700 strains of cannabis, many of them can have psychedelic effects, leaving to extreme highs, hallucinations, and more.

    As people experience what it’s like to get high, they’ll go in search of other drugs.

    The United States is already dealing with a drug problem – and it’s about to get a lot worse.

    India has become the epitome of why marijuana is dangerous. Bollywood is dealing with a significant pot problem as youths are rebelling. The country is working to remove cannabis as they’ve seen the dangers firsthand.

    Those who are in favor of legalizing marijuana have grandiose ideas of how it will help sustain the farming communities, offer employment opportunities, and help people to defeat stress.

    That’s all well and great, but how is that working out for those who are in India? Well, it may not be the best thing after all.

    It’s important to take a look at how THC works – the main ingredient found in cannabis. It can merge with the bloodstream in just seconds. It can alter a person’s mood, perception, behavior, cognition, and even consciousness. Meanwhile, a person can come down off their high in an hour or less, depending on how much they’re consuming. To completely “sober up,” the process may take up to three hours.

    Let’s not forget that cannabis is a psychotropic substance. It’s going to affect the mind. There have been studies to show that it can cause acute psychosis. Some individuals may be withdrawn or detached while others may experience hallucinations or turn violent.

    Sure, some strains only provide a small high that leads to relaxation. But, there are over 700 strains. Since none of them are being monitored to say that dispensaries can only sell specific ones, it’s completely up in the air to determine how people will react.

    Technically, marijuana is illegal in India. However, it’s been estimated that 2.8 percent of the population is using. Some do it for the high while others believe it’s the best way to worship the Hindu god Shiva.

    The drug has run rampant through the country for so long that it is impossible to regulate. How do you take away a drug that so many people have grown dependent on? Ahh, there it is – dependency.

    There are arguments for both sides of the marijuana war. It’s a natural plant so it must be safe. The reality is that there aren’t enough studies to say what the true effects of marijuana can be, especially with all of the interbreeding being done to create new and unique strains for flavor, characteristics, and overall feel.

    Marijuana is addictive over long bouts of exposure – and the smoke that is inhaled can lead to chronic bronchitis as well as many of the same breathing problems that cigarette smokers have.

    Further, there have been studies to show that cannabis is capable of causing brain atrophy. Regions of the brain show that memory and attention are impacted.

    So, if the war on marijuana is lost by Republicans, the Democrats will end up legalizing the drug across the country. If it turns out to be like what’s happening in India, three out of every 100 people will be using the drug. We’ll end up with a bigger drug addiction problem. Perhaps the most terrifying aspect, however, is that there will be millions of people around the country subject to random neural activity that can lead to making bad decisions.

    It seems as though the Democrats are already subject to that. Let’s learn from India and put an end to legalizing marijuana – at least until research can prove what strains won’t lead to full-on psychosis.


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