New Guidelines Say You Can Be Legally Fired From Your Job for Refusing the Coronavirus Vaccine


    With Great-Grandpa Joe and his antiquated band of misfits soon taking control of a nation they are certain to destroy, as citizens, we can look for the common everyday rights we so often take for granted to be slowly dissipated into the Democratic cesspool of socialism.

    I’m sure you will agree how America is not a land full of do this or don’t do that kind of people. We’re a nation of freethinkers. We decide for ourselves. Nobody tells us!

    Well. Here we go. Employers from sea to shining sea have just been given the legal option of forcing their employees to fill their veins with the new COVID-19 vaccine or clearing out their desks and hitting the dusty. This is all a result of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions new legal guidance concerning containing the spread of the coronavirus.

    With all certainty, this is also a result of the commission being fully aware that with Biden soon taking over, nobody is going to bother stopping them. It would be a fruitless and foolish effort on anyone’s part to even try.

    Because employers are required by law to provide safe work environments, the guidelines say, “an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace.” Translated to mean, “It is up to an employer’s sole discretion to determine if in their opinion, not getting vaccinated causes the chance of harm to others.”

    Though these guidelines will make it much easier for employers to legally get rid of some dead weight, there is still a process that must be followed prior to sending an employee packing.

    First and foremost, the employer must provide proof of the vaccine being a requirement because of working in a high-risk area such as a hospital or a doctor’s office. Or, in the words of Community Legal Services’ Rhiannon DiClemente, a person’s job could pose a “direct threat” to their community.

    It would as like posing a “direct threat” could be inclusive of any and every job where an employee comes in contact with the public. You know, like restaurants and diners, retail shops, or even offices where they come in contact with other employees. Invoking the guidelines are easily justifiable by any employer who chooses to.

    By the EEOC’s way of thinking, which just happens to enforce laws against workplace discrimination, because receiving the vaccine does not require a medical exam, the ruling does not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Helen Rella, a workplace employee, said “If they do require it, an employee can make a request for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Title VII. If they do request the accommodation, the employer has an obligation to see if accommodation is possible.”

    In actuality, these words don’t help. If the employer says they tried to accommodate the employee but could not, see ‘ya around. There are loopholes everywhere.

    If possible, one of the accommodations could be allowing the employee to work from home. But if this cannot be done, employers could refuse an unvaccinated person entrance into the work facility. But the EEOC claims that if this is the case, “it does not mean the employer may automatically terminate the worker.”

    Should the employer decide to temporarily lay the person off in lieu of firing them, the employee could then become eligible for unpaid leave and other entitlements under federal, state and local laws. So it’s kind of still left up to the moral fiber of the employer.

    In summary, if a worker’s job cannot be accomplished remotely and they have no justifiable reason for refusing to be vaccinated, whatever that may be, their employee can hand them a pink slip without a need for any further explanation.

    Good times ahead…


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