Dominion Goes Off the Deep End and Demands that Sidney Powell Retract Her Words


    The liberal media may ignore Sidney Powell, but she is still making a difference in the fight for fair elections. She has turned so many heads that Dominion Voting Systems has to cover their tails because they are being exposed to the communist-controlled country. Powell accused and proved that the company worked with liberals to install Biden in the White House. And now that they have been exposed, they want her to retract all of her statements.

    Powell was sent a letter that was reported by the media stating that “The Canadian-founded company sent Powell, a former federal prosecutor, a letter on Thursday demanding she publicly retracts her ‘wild, knowingly baseless and false accusations’ about the company’s voting machines.”

    This is a bold move by the Biden fraud team to make their troubles go away. Their demands are threatening in content. Any time a person or company has to attack the person opposing them, there is truth to what has been said.

    Dominion stated that the accusations by Powell had put people’s lives in danger. It was not the statements of Powell that put people in danger. It was the actions of the voting company. Had they not signed on to helping Biden, there would have been no accusations made.

    They wrote, “While you are entitled to your own opinions, Ms. Powell, you are not entitled to your own facts.” These are not just opinions; these are pure facts that cannot merely be dismissed.

    They went on to threaten that “Although the indisputable facts all point to the conclusion that this was a free and fair election, you launched a media circus and fundraising campaign that undermined confidence in American democracy and peddled false, inherently improbable, and defamatory claims about Dominion participating in an international conspiracy to rig the election, deeply damaging Dominion’s hard-earned reputation and business in the process.”

    If Powell’s claims are wrong, then it is up to Dominion to prove that no fraud occurred. Show the world that these machines cannot be tampered with like is being claimed. The truth is that they cannot prove it because they can be changed and manipulated. That is why so many socialist countries use them. They can be programmed to provide an outcome that is desired by the crooked side.

    Powell has provided facts and evidence to prove her points that she is making. The media wants to dismiss them as theory, but the research into the case proves they are facts. The liberal courts continue to dismiss the cases because they do not want to face the truth of the corruption that lies at their feet.

    Powell first claimed that the voting machines switch votes relatively quickly, which was proven in Antrim County, Michigan, after an investigation team tore the machines apart. They proved that thousands of votes given for Trump were transferred to Biden. And the media did not say a word. They ignored the entire report.

    These are the same machines that socialist dictators use to keep themselves in power. Dominion hates to face the music for their corrupt business practices and partners. The crook is upset because they have been exposed.

    Dominion wants to seek legal action against Powell. They are threatening her that there will be consequences unless she steps down and retracts everything. They are trying to bully her into silence. Dominion is setting themselves up to be exposed, and all it will take is for them to pursue Powell in court.

    Powell is on to something that no one wants to take an honest look into the people that are. Behind the corruption. The massive coverup to protect the people behind putting Biden into office is real and stands before the world. And yet, no one wants to do the right thing and take up the case to determine what Powell is claiming is correct or not.

    President Trump has said all along that there is something wrong with the voting system this year. The Democrats planned and orchestrated the perfect coverup and rigging on an election. But the issue is so large that no one is willing to put their own lives on the line to expose the truth.


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