Pelosi’s Plan to End Homelessness in San Francisco: Let Them Die of COVID or Overdose


    San Francisco may be considered a liberal utopia but this city is not all that it is cracked up to be. While everyone is being told to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, drug overdoses are actually a much bigger issue in this city. Their strict pandemic lockdowns have done nothing to slow down the amount of Fentanyl that is coursing through the city.

    This is the real killer that the mainstream media does not wish to discuss. What is City Hall doing about it, you might ask? They are handing out over 4 million syringes to drug users who are looking to remain safe. This is what “progressive” leadership gets you. People are allowed to shoot up in public because the woke crowd thinks it’s a wonderful idea.

    According to the numbers, over 600 people have died of a Fentanyl overdose in San Francisco this year. The folks who are getting hooked on drugs far outnumber the COVID cases. The city has seen less than 200 deaths related to COVID-19 cases. Worst of all, these deaths are taking place in all sorts of government-owned buildings. People are even dying on the sidewalks in front of these buildings, but no matter.

    “A record 621 people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco so far this year, a staggering number that far outpaces the 173 deaths from COVID-19 the city has seen thus far.

    The crisis fueled by the powerful painkiller fentanyl could have been far worse if it wasn’t for the nearly 3,000 times Narcan was used from January to the beginning of November to save someone from the brink of death, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday,” ABC News reports. This paints a fairly grim picture of what is taking place right now and the report does not end there.

    The numbers that they are about to provide should be alarming to anyone, not just those who reside in the city of San Francisco. “The data reflects the number of times people report using Narcan to the Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project, a city-funded program that coordinates San Francisco’s response to overdose or return to refill their supply. Officials at the DOPE Project said that since the numbers are self-reported, they are probably a major undercount.

    Last year, 441 people died of drug overdoses — a 70% increase from 2018 — and 2,610 potential overdoses were prevented by Narcan, a medication commonly sprayed up the nose to reverse an opioid overdose, according to data from the city Medical Examiner’s office and the DOPE Project,” the report continues.

    These are not numbers that can be swept under the rug. Even mainstream media outlets like this one are sharing them without a worry or care. They know deep down that the liberal leadership in these locations are not going to take any form of decisive action. The Chinese are responsible for the spread of Fentanyl but they are not taking any accountability at the moment.

    The media remains obsessed with the COVID-19 pandemic, even with all of this information at their disposal. We live in a nation where over 70,000 lives are claimed each year because of the opioid pandemic and these numbers are only going to continue to rise as the years pass. If we are not going to get anything done now, we are placing ourselves in a terrible position going forward. The children of today will have to grow up in the world that we are allowing liberal leaders to create.

    Anyone who thinks that this is a passing phase is severely deluding themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic will end someday but the opioid war will still be raging on. San Francisco and other like-minded cities may think that they have the right ideas. Unfortunately for the citizens who reside in these locations, their leaders view them as little more than collateral damage in their quest to appear as empathetic as possible to addicts. This is some cruel, cruel irony.


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