YouTube is Latest to Censor with No Medical Degree in Sight


    What is with social media choosing to censor anything that the liberals disagree with? If someone wants to post something, it should be allowed to post. This isn’t Communist China, after all.

    We already know that Twitter loves to censor anything and everything posted by the GOP. They use the worst fact-checkers ever, and, then, mindlessly point to their terms and conditions.

    Enough is enough.

    YouTube has decided that they want to be in on the action of censoring, too. They have no problem slapping a video with a “medical misinformation” claim.

    How is it that it’s medical misinformation when it’s posted by a medical doctor? It’s not as if the fact-checkers at YouTube hold medical degrees. It’s more liberal hypocrisy, and it’s starting to get old.

    Dr. Ron Paul is more than just a former congressman – he’s also a medical doctor.

    The Ron Paul Liberty Report is a show that Ron Paul produces – it goes live weekdays at noon EST and is posted to YouTube to ensure everyone has access to it. Only YouTube has decided that they don’t like what Paul has to say anymore.

    Ron Paul brought it to his followers’ attention with a tweet. He labeled it as “very disturbing news” that not only has YouTube pulled the episode but they also issued a warning that future violations would result in not being able to load any more programs.

    So, what is it that Dr. Ron Paul posted about that was such a no-no according to YouTube?

    The episode focused on a news report regarding a Trump rally. Additionally, the episode was already several weeks old.

    This is blatant censorship.

    At the very least, shouldn’t medical doctors be able to avoid being slapped with medical disinformation? Paul graduated from Duke University and spent decades practicing in the medical field.

    Paul has tweeted to urge people to contact YouTube with this message: “If you care about independent media voices now is the time to fight against blatant censorship.”

    The episode that was censored focused on Paul criticizing Dr. Fauci of the CDC because of the hypocrisy – first opposing masks and then supporting them. Which is it? The problem is that it’s proven that Dr. Fauci went in one direction and, then, the other. It’s also one of the reasons why Trump grew so tired of Fauci.

    It’s hard to listen to a man who constantly changes his mind. Anyone can read the many ways in which Dr. Fauci has changed his stance. He was against herd immunity, too, and now…guess what?

    Why is it that YouTube will take the side of one doctor and not the other? It’s very possible that Dr. Ron Paul has the same level of education and experience in the medical field as Dr. Fauci.

    Anyone who has ever been to a medical conference knows that doctors have differing opinions all the time. Each doctor can express their opinions and explain why they feel one way over another.

    However, a healthy dialogue is not something that social media wants to allow. They want to tout Dr. Fauci as the know-all to the pandemic. He’s been overseeing the CDC’s pandemic response plan for months – and we’re worse off now than we were in March. It’s clear that he’s not getting the job done. So, it’s only fair that Paul can call him out.

    YouTube has no right to take down the video and throw up a “medical misinformation” warning to Paul. The fact-checkers lack something important to have the right to censor this information – a medical degree. There’s no reason for them to take the side of Dr. Fauci – except for the fact that he’s already been appointed by president-elect Biden to run the pandemic response team for the country.

    We can’t possibly have a doctor who is a member of the GOP speak ill about Dr. Fauci. So, YouTube is doing what the other social media platforms have done – they’ve sided with liberals and decided that they’ll censor the right.


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