Cuomo’s Trying to Get NY High to Get More Votes


    The desperation is starting to stink up the air across New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election in 2022. With his failure to lead through COVID-19, he’s in jeopardy of losing the election. After all, most people aren’t lining up to vote for someone responsible for killing thousands in nursing homes.

    So, Cuomo is doing what he thinks he has to do. He’s going to get the entire state high. By passing marijuana legislation, he can give the stoners what they want. If everyone can participate in recreational marijuana, maybe they’ll be too high to care about all of his past mistakes.

    Governor Cuomo has been in favor of recreational marijuana since 2018. He knows that it’s one of the best ways to generate tax revenue. He isn’t concerned with how it may impact the health of residents. He also isn’t concerned with how it may affect the youth. Instead, he’s looking at it purely from a financial view.

    The state Assembly and Senate haven’t been able to agree on a framework for legalizing marijuana. It seems as though there’s always some issue as to how to regulate and tax the drug for recreational purposes.

    That’s all about to change. If Cuomo is going to stand a chance to secure the position of governor for another go-around, he needs to act quickly.

    The governor is amending his proposal so that the Assembly and Senate can finally reach an agreement. Oh, and all of this is being given a priority. His goal is to ensure that it becomes legal in time for the state budget, which is due by April 1.

    Recreational marijuana has posed various problems in states where it’s been legal for years. It has become a gateway drug, leading to higher drug use statistics and more addiction. It has caused problems in state-funded rehab programs because there’s more demand than ever before.

    However, Cuomo is also looking at how it could revitalize communities. For those who have been harmed by the war on drugs, his idea is to legalize the gateway drug. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea?

    People are arrested in New York for possessing, using, and selling marijuana every day. Well, if the drug is legal, those people won’t be arrested. Cuomo is naïve enough to think that will resolve the problems. Without people going to jail, the communities will improve and people will become more economically secure.

    What Cuomo clearly hasn’t thought of is that the people who were willing to break the law are still willing to break the law. Instead of marijuana, they’ll move to meth or cocaine. As more people find out about the high they can get from marijuana, they’ll spend their days stoned and living off of state funds instead of getting a job.

    It appears that Cuomo wants to learn the hard way. He wants to focus on a piece of legislation that helped to get him re-elected in 2018. He has no choice. He’s made so many epic mistakes during the past year with the pandemic that many Democrats would rather vote in anyone other than Cuomo.

    Pretty soon, Democrats across the state are going to turn on him as they did with President Trump. There will be signs that read “Not My Governor” and “Vote Anyone But Cuomo.” It will actually be a glorious day. Perhaps the state will even go as far as voting in a red governor just to explore how much the state can improve.

    There have been GOP governors in the past. And we all know how much Rudy Giuliani improved the streets of NYC while he served as mayor.

    The state doesn’t need to get high. They don’t need to vote in Cuomo for a fourth term. There are options.

    Right now, it simply shows that Cuomo is desperate enough to try anything to ensure that he wins over the hearts (and bongs) of New Yorkers across the state.


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