Only the Finest Moldy Food For National Guard Protecting Biden


    Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are great at creating problems for others to have to live through. The sad excuses they had for calling up thousands of National Guard troops to protect against fake threats is just the tip of a massive iceberg. The two feeble leaders failed to think through how to feed and house so many troops. So, they shoved them off to the dungeon to live while supposedly protecting their president.

    Many Republican governors pulled out their troops because they cared enough to protect them from the ideocracy of the Democratic Party. But for the rest of the troops that serve under a liberal governor, they had to suck it up and live with being neglected.

    The Michigan National Guard is the one that is now caught in an evil web of political games. Governor Gretchen Whitmer should have already pulled the troops back to Michigan. But she is too concerned about her own rear to give a care about anyone else.

    Whitmer is currently being sued because she refuses to release data related to the nursing homes in Michigan. Whitmer is afraid of what happened to Andrew Cuomo is going to happen to her. She will not act to bring home the troops until her own design fence safely surrounds her.

    Sadly, the Michigan National Guard is caught in the middle of the liberal games. They have been given food that is undercooked and contaminated with mold. Whitmer supposedly called and voiced concern about the problem, but weeks have gone by, and nothing is done. The Democrats have made their point loud and clear that they do not care.

    American troops on American soil are being neglected when civilians are eating at Wendy’s across the street. One soldier stated that “Multiple soldiers have been getting sick and vomiting after eating, and most of the food is being thrown away. Morale is very bad; many have served overseas and cannot believe the quality of food they are being fed here.”

    The Democrats deliberately neglect the forces that were asked to keep them safe from threats of their design. They certainly make messes of things and then try and take glory for correcting the issues. In the end, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    The Republicans voiced their concerns to the majority leaders, but their words have fallen on deaf ears. The political body in power today is unwilling to open the money purse to feed a few thousand troops that are being fed sewage for food.

    Letters have been written, and phone calls have been made, but the decision-makers continue to ignore the problem. Joe Biden certainly will not act because he loves sitting in the presidential rocker to take his long daily naps. Whitmer certainly is not helping. She has the authority to bring them home, but that would not look favorable to her Democratic overlords.

    If it were a Republican president neglecting the troops, the media would have been reporting on the issue simply to try and smear his name. But it is a wacky liberal president, and the media does not want to harm his image even though troops are being infected with food poisoning.

    Whitmer has even sent a delegation to the area just to pose for pictures with Biden’s fence. They take one good look at the troops and sneer at them instead of fighting for them to have good food.

    The troops are heroes that need to be taken care of. Donald Trump would have never treated them the way that Biden, Pelosi and Whitmer are treating them now. They would have had places to stay and food that was cooked right and great to eat.

    The deep-seated resentment that the Democrats have for the military and all law enforcement is outright hatred for them. The troops deserve a lot better treatment than they are getting from the liberals sitting in their highchairs waiting for their illegal servants to come to feed them. Whitmer and the rest of the liberal governors have discovered that they have to step cautiously not to be discovered by people headhunting them for crimes against humanity.


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