Shortsighted Pelosi Robs Seat From Rightful Elected Official


    The nasty Democrats are all about cheating their way into power. They are willing to deny the rightful winners of an election to suit their lust for authority and influence positions. Iowans cast their votes and narrowly chose a Republican to be their voice in the House. But as usual, the loser Democrat could not live with the results, so Rita Hart cried to Mother Pelosi to have the states certified votes cast into the dumpster.

    Rita Hart lost to Mariannette Miller-Meeks in a very narrow election. Six votes are all it took to separate the winner from the crying loser. Iowa’s Second District is the area of contest.

    The Democrats just cannot admit that they are a party of babies. They cried when Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they cried when Donald Trump contested the 2020 election after Biden fake his win to take the White House.

    The fact that Pelosi is willing to dismiss the election results is another indicator that they cheated in 2020. The Iowan vote was counted, recounted, and then certified as correct. Had Hart been the winner for six votes, there would be no crying because Republicans know how to concede with grace and honor.

    But that is just not the case for Hart. Pelosi knows that she needs Hart because her extremely slim majority is slipping away as many liberals are doomed to lose to in 2022. She cannot fathom the idea of losing her place of power, so she is willing to dismiss legal ballots and disenfranchise voters in Iowa openly. Something that she was adamantly against a few months ago when Trump was fighting for fair elections.

    Ironically the Democrats think that the elections can be run in any way that they see fit. If the count is close, they are willing to find votes just to get ahead by a few.

    Hart came out of the shadows and stated that they had found 22 new ballots that were missed in the count. She stated that these mystery ballots would declare her the winner. But no one is stating where these mystery ballots came from. It is possible that she learned from Biden how to hide ballots until needed.

    The mafia wife Pelosi has gone all-in with her support of Hart’s attempt to steal a seat. Pelosi has her fence for protection, so she feels that she can do whatever she wants. There was a time when Pelosi and others would have feared an insurrection because of the way they cheated in the past. But now, they are prideful enough to steal a seat outright where it benefits them the most.

    The thought of unseating a Republican that legally won the election for her district is beyond rational thought. Pelosi maintains that she can seat whoever she wants. As much as that may be true, it goes against the set way of elections since it was founded. Just because a person has the power to do something does not mean that they should.

    It would be one thing if the vote were a tie, and no one knew what to do. At that point, the House could decide. But for right now, Hart is a loser and has no right to sit in the seat for Iowa’s Second District.

    Pelosi’s hypocrisy is sickening as she stood against the very argument that was made during Biden’s certification void. It was then that the Republicans were branded as traitors and enemies of the state. But now Pelosi has no problem with their actions because she is doing the exact same thing.

    Pelosi’s end game is to have as many Democrats as possible in the House for the next two years. She is willing to overturn certified results by staging a political insurrection of her own. She is setting a dangerous precedent as her deed will come with payment due very soon.

    And what is truly unique is that many Americans will not even know what is happening before it is too late. The media is going to stay quiet on the matter until it is done. They will then try and spin a fake story to make the Republicans look like the bad guys.


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