Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Have Increased by 60% at the Southern Border on Biden’s Watch–He’s Catching Hell From Republicans and Dems


    It should come as no surprise how immigrants have once again congested the US southern border. Hoping to take advantage of Joe Biden’s liberal generosity they began their journeys north the very moment he was confirmed as America’s 46th president. As if the situation has not already surpassed the breaking point, an overwhelming number of the new arrivals are unaccompanied children and teenagers.

    America’s Homeland Security does not dispute the growing problem, but they say all is good. They have the situation fully under control. Because of their own self-assurance, they see no need of reinstating the Trump-era policy of expelling unaccompanied minors.

    Since April the number of immigrants arriving at the southern border has been steadily increasing. The majority of families and single adults are still being turned back thanks to a public health order previously issued by Donald Trump due to rising COVID-19 infections.

    But due to what has been referred to as a humanitarian effort, teens and young children can come on in. At least until somebody somewhere can figure out what to do with them. Since word has gotten about these youngsters receiving hassle-free entry, they’re showing up in record numbers.

    As of now, over 4,000 unaccompanied migrant children are in Border Patrol custody. Of those, at least 3,000 have been held for way longer than the 72-hour court-ordered limit. On one recent day, 561 new kids were taken in. This is nearly double the number preceding Biden’s reign of destruction.

    This puts Pappa Joe in a pickle. Republican and Democrat lawmakers alike are calling him out, but for conflicting reasons. The Republicans are saying Biden is encouraging illegal border crossings by largely ignoring the problem. The Democrats are screaming at him about not doing anything about the children being held in detention for too long. It’s a bipartisan call for Biden to drink a Redbull and tackle the issue he’s been avoiding like the plague. Immigration reform.

    In a recent interview with ABC News, Biden looked straight in the camera with the most fierce look he could muster and offered up this stark warning to potential new illegals. “I can say quite clearly: Don’t come over.” Yeah boy. That ought to do the trick. It should also be pointed out that when asked, Biden said he had no immediate plans to visit the southern border.

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made it very clear that the US is steadily climbing towards hitting a 20-year peak in the number of new immigrants begging to get in. “The situation at the southwest border is difficult,” he said. “We are working around the clock to manage it and we will continue to do so. That is our job.”

    The majority of minors crossing alone come from Central America and the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas appears to be their preferred point of entry. In the one day previously mentioned, 280 of the 561 were taken in at this particular location.

    As if you aren’t sick to your stomach already, just since February with Joe Biden in office, the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border has risen by a staggering 60%. Another reason for concern is that the largest bulk of these minors are teenagers who are soon to be adults. So as soon as Biden yells “Ally-Ally in come free,” which he will, they become society’s problem to deal with.

    Sen. Jim Inhofe (Rep., OK), at a recent meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee, displayed a photo of protestors in Tijuana, Mexico. The photo, widely circulated on social media, showed them all wearing T-shirts that read “Biden, Please Let us in.” “They’re all coming across the border, they’re coming fast, and they’re wearing Biden T-shirts,” he said.

    Democrats like to say they aren’t for open borders but it’s all but apparent that they don’t understand the meaning of the term. Ignoring the problem is not making it go away, it is only serving to increase the new influx of illegals who are managing to get in, and those who are lining up waiting to because they know they eventually will. Thus; open borders.


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