Murder, Crime Exploding Nationwide Because of Democrats’ #DefundthePolice


    Violence is exploding nationwide because of the Democrats’ radical and senseless Defund the Police agenda.

    You will get a lot of spin from the Left with their elaborate upside-down lies, but here are the plain irrefutable facts.

    New York City, America’s largest city with a population of over 8 million, became the first big city to defund the police, diverting over $1 billion in funds from the New York Police Department. The result? a 97 percent rise in shootings and a 45 percent increase in homicides.

    Los Angeles, California, a borderline anarchist state which is ruled more by its homeless encampments than the rule of law, defunded police by $175 million. The result? An 11.6 percent rise in homicides.

    Austin, Texas, the liberal blue dot in a sea of Texas red, defunded its police by $150 million. The result? A 50 percent spike in homicides.

    Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Nevada, murders are up 110% in 2021 over 2020.

    Over in the unequivocally failed municipality of Portland, Oregon, which perhaps would just be better off collapsing into the Columbia River, the weak human punching bag of a mayor is now begging to RE-FUND police with a $2 million budget request as homicides in the city spike – if we can still call it a city as opposed to a murder pit of burning buildings that still retains a faint whiff of granola.

    Unfortunately for the Portland mayor, radical Leftists still dominate the city council and are apparently happy to see their city continue to burn. Portland slashed its police budget by $16 million last year and is already moving at a brisk clip of 20 homicides so far in 2021.

    Now to be outclassed, Barack Obama’s fake hometown and the perpetual basket case of Chicago, Illinois, outdid even itself last year, with shootings and murders popping by more than 50 percent for a grand total of 769 homicides.

    Children are literally being shot dead in the face outside of Barack Obama’s Presidential Library, but Barack Obama is too busy doing thumbsucking interviews with Ellen DeGeneres or something to ACTUALLY care about the lives of black youths. His schedule is already full…of himself.

    Ah, but we saved the best for last. Or rather, the worst for last, the disaster of disasters: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Minneapolis is Ground Zero for the “Defund the Police” movement — and there, the wreckage is still smoldering.

    In 2020, in response to the death of serial criminal George Floyd, the Minneapolis City Council defunded the Minneapolis PD to the tune of $8 million. The result? Bad. Very bad.

    In the parlance of Swamp speak, “mistakes were made.”

    More than 100 Minneapolis police officers fled the Minneapolis PD in 2020 as officers were targeted and assaulted by street gangs and politicians alike.

    Since then, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and a whole host of criminals, terrorists, and garden variety thugs have taken to burning down the city and even declaring a section of the city the “Free State of George Floyd.”

    In fact, that part of the city is so free from city laws and ordinances that ambulances won’t even travel in there to rescue gunshot wound victims because it is so dangerous. In Minneapolis, the smell of freedom is an unattended sucking chest wound.

    The rich irony — and it is rich — is this: Now the very same Lefty Minneapolis City Council members who defunded the police in the first place and smeared and attacked law enforcement are now asking WHERE ARE THE POLICE?


    Did one too many Soul Cycles burn to the ground?

    With violent crime overtaking Minneapolis and engulfing its city limits in one sprawling crime scene of marauders and murderers, the socialist defund Democrats who kneecapped the police are now wanting the police back.

    The Left is so dumb it hurts. It might even be funny if Democrats’ stupidity and arrogance weren’t so catastrophic for America.

    The Democrats’ agenda of defunding the police hurts everyone, but it ESPECIALLY hurts the very “oppressed” communities they claim to be delivering justice for. While the rich can retreat behind their gates, walls, and long driveways, it is the poor and disproportionately minority communities that need the police on their streets to keep their neighborhoods safe.

    With their Defund the Police agenda, the radical Left Democrats are committing the greatest crime against Americans of the 21st century.

    No one is safe when the police are defunded. When police aren’t on the streets, criminals are. But did you ever think that maybe that’s what the Democrats want? Under the Democrats’ defund agenda your family will not be safe.


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