Toilet Paper Prices in the Rise Thanks to Biden’s Agenda


    Biden believes himself to be a superhero. After all, he sees himself as the savior of the world because he has erased Donald Trump’s name from the White House. And how that Trump’s name is gone, he is free to steal all the credit that the former president deserves. The only thing Biden deserves is a helmet and a set of kneepads because he cannot even get into the plane without massive amounts of help.

    Donald Trump boasted the economy so effectively that it was able to weather a pandemic. And now that things are getting back to normal, the economy is still roaring forward. But now that Biden is meddling with things, there are signs that things are going to change.

    The unemployment rate continues to fall, but Biden cannot take the credit for it since the Trump effect is pushing greatness in America. Biden sees the success of the past president as his own. But he also fails to notice that the roll-back of Trump’s regulations has already killed four million jobs.

    Joe Biden is living in a delusional world fueled by the successes of another man. He can take the credit for wages slipping and for people having to work harder and longer because of the changes he has made and the taxes he wants to impose on people.

    Biden’s claim to fame is going to be extremely higher prices on consumables. The pandemic may have cleared the shelves of toilet paper and other paper products. But Biden will be known as the one who made toilet paper too expensive to buy.

    The international stress Biden is putting on relations with other countries is causing material prices to rise. Other countries have figured out that Biden is weak and will not challenge the pressure and thievery that is happening to America.

    The socialists in America want to force their beliefs on the American people. They want people to pay inflated prices for toilet paper and other consumables. People will pay a day’s wage for a loaf of bread under socialist rule. These people blind Joe Biden because he is blinded by the prestige that came with the Oval Office.

    Biden is presiding over a dollar that is tanking at an incredible rate. It is the lowest it has ever been in the past 25 years. And somehow, this fact makes Joe Biden very happy. He secretly loves to see the United States struggling to greatness. Every person who voted for Joe Biden declared that they want to see America falter and fail in being the greatest nation on the planet.

    The weaker that Biden makes America will only cause more countries to refuse to invest in American currency. The world markets are looking to other sources for stability and opportunity to invest in. The dollar was once a significant place to put investments into, but under the constant attacks by Democrats have changed that desire.

    Joe Biden is clueless as to how the stock market and international exchange rates really work. The harm that he wants to inflict on the country is actually an attack on the world. A strong dollar is essential for the health of other nations around the world that depend on the dollar for their currency backing.

    The massive amount of spending that Biden loves to do is putting the country at further risk and harm because of the ever-increasing debt load that is being placed on all Americans. The more debt the country has will mean the weaker it will become. Nancy Pelosi has to keep printing money just to keep things moving forward. The more she prints, the weaker America will become.

    Joe Biden is not only a danger to himself as he plagiarizes Donald Trump’s successes, but he is also a threat to American prosperity and greatness. He loathes the idea of America being at the top and having the power to keep the world moving. Future generations are having a noose put around their necks by a man from another world that does not understand what he is doing or why he is doing it.


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