Hunter Biden Sobered Long Enough to Author a Book Liberals are Falling in Love With


    Hunter Biden has been a drug addict for decades. Cocaine, heroin, he’s done it all.

    Yet, he sobered up long enough to write a book. Although the liberals have fallen in love with the book, it’s not the story any of us really wanted.

    Perhaps if he wrote a love story about the son of a vice president entering a strip club and creating an illegitimate child, we’d be glued to the pages. Instead, he wrote hundreds of pages of dribble regarding addiction.

    “Beautiful Things: A Memoir” has been applauded by the liberals as being “extraordinary” and “Breathtaking.”

    We get to learn how the president’s son battled alcohol and crack cocaine for decades without getting any real help. Rather than Joe Biden offering to truly get his son out of the downward spiral, he chose to stay as a Senator…then run alongside Obama as VP…and then become president.

    It’s clear that Joe Biden’s political aspirations were never slowed by his addict son.

    The liberals want to talk about this memoir as what people should really be talking about Hunter Biden for. Let’s forget the investigation into his laptop. Let’s forget about his financials and how he may have ties to both China and Ukraine.

    His literary prowess is what everyone wants to talk about – and Brian Stelter of CNN can’t stop gushing about the book.

    We’re not supposed to realize that he likely used a ghostwriter. Those flowery words and descriptions that pluck at the heartstrings were not written by Hunter Biden himself. No. It’s likely that he spent millions to pay a ghostwriter to spin his words and his story into something that would get the attention off of his moral decay.

    Brian Stelter says that the book is a different way to understand Hunter Biden’s story. He says that everyone is familiar with the tabloid coverage but not the real story. “This book about addiction. About how many times Hunter Biden could have died, the president’s son, it’s breathtaking.”

    Everything about Stelter’s comments are nauseating.

    Hunter Biden could have died, yes – and where was Joe Biden when all of this was happening? While as a VP, Biden was able to get his son into rehab. Then, it wasn’t long before Hunter was messed up all over again – and there was no additional help for him.

    Further, the story is about “the president’s son.” So, would the story of an addict be less enticing if it weren’t the president’s son?

    Shouldn’t we hold our president to higher standards? He never got his son the help that he needed. He watched his son struggle with addiction for decades while he continued moving up the political ladder.

    Joe Biden already mourned the loss of his son – Beau. As for Hunter, he’s like the son that Joe never really wanted – and that just led Hunter to become a bigger addict.

    Stelter says to “Take out the last name Biden, this is about addiction, and how to help people and it’s going to resonate for that reason.”

    Really, though? The only reason that this book made it to the shelves of bookstores is because of the last name. Otherwise, it’s just the story of yet another addict. It’s the story of another person who succumbed to drug addiction and binge drinking.

    Was Hunter Biden able to recover? We’ll see. The reality is that he’s only been sober and away from drugs for a few years now. It might only take one trip to Vegas to watch his undoing all over again.

    Meanwhile, the story tells of Hunter having his first drink at the age of eight — at an event with his father. Well, let’s give a round of applause for the father of the year. Joe Biden let his eight-year-old son have a drink – and that could have led him down this rough path.

    With such a glowing review from Stelter, it begs the question of whether he gets a cut of the commission.

    Hopefully, the ghostwriter knows their worth and will get a cut of the sales, too. Liberals will be eating this up because Hunter Biden is a story of hope. Joe Biden was brought to his knees because of his son’s addiction. Yeah…what a rough life they’ve both lived.


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