Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack MSNBC Reporter on Live TV Because They Were Recording Looting


    The Dollar Store in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was the site of massive looting yesterday, as readers are probably well aware by now. To make matters even worse, a reporter from MSNBC was attacked for being on the scene. They were assaulted by this mob of unruly protesters for the mere crime of filming their destruction.

    The looters saw them filming and immediately sprung into action. Once they had a chance to get some camera time, they told the camera crew that they needed to “go the f— home”. The video is sad to watch, as it makes us wonder what is happening to our country.

    This is what happens when people allow themselves to be misled by the mainstream media. They start to believe that everything they do is right. Biden is also encouraging this sort of behavior and we are willing to bet that he won’t be willing to condemn the protesters and looters.

    He’s more interested in finding a way to straddle the fence. He tries his best to be everything to everyone but in reality? He never succeeds at any of these goals. We saw his weak and ineffectual statement yesterday. He wanted to make sure that the liberals and the conservatives were on his side here but that’s not how it goes.

    At a certain point, you need to be ready to pick an actual side. For as much criticism as President Trump took during his tenure in offer, he had a pretty simple philosophy on these sorts of things. He stood on the side of law and order and he was not worried about what other people would think of it.

    Biden, on the other hand, is not someone who is capable of having a clear and coherent position on anything. If you saw the limp statement he tried to offer up yesterday, it was hard to stomach. He seemed so worried about potentially offending anyone. It was sad to watch him fumble for the words that he knew he could not say.

    This is not a problem that we had with Trump at the helm. You could always count on him to have a coherent point of view about things that are this obvious. Biden was more worried about making sure that the rioters knew he would have their backs. He tried to say a few things about not having tolerance for this type of activity but he knew better.

    If he had tried too hard to condemn the rioters, guess what? There go all of his voters in the future! Sane patriots who actually care about the rule of law were not voting for Biden. The only people who were ready to go along with his ridiculous program are the people who are outside terrorizing their communities.

    Biden needs to grow a pair and learn how to seize control. A president cannot sit back and wait to react to everything that takes place. He’s not someone who is capable of being proactive, though. He’s purely reactionary and this is one of the many problems associated with his presidency. We knew that he would show us how feeble-brained he is at some point and this might be a new low.

    He’s empowered these rioters to do whatever they want. This is not what we have gotten used during the past four years. Trump would have gotten out in front of this right away and offered the necessary assistance. Biden wants to go to bed early and pretend that the bad things are not happening.

    That’s what he did about the border crisis and it is what he is going to do about this. He’ll pretend that nothing is going on and we won’t be surprised if a new story starts to circulate that is designed to take the attention off of this one. In other words: don’t be stunned if Major Biden happens to bite someone else in the next 48 to 72 hours.


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