Christianity Has Had Enough of Liberals Telling Them What to Believe


    Christians and churches all over the country have been on the list of attacks ever since Joe Biden illegitimately took over the White House. He removed all of the protections that Donald Trump put in place that made it possible for religion to remain free in the United States. Even the Constitution has come under attack by Biden as he tells churches and religious organizations what they are to do with specific groups of people.

    Biden’s executive order told religious organizations that they must hire people who do not agree with the philosophy of ministry or otherwise violate established beliefs. But Christian organizations are fighting back around the country with excellent results.

    A Christian college is leading the latest fight for freedom as they combat the order of Biden for them to accept his Directive of sexual-based orientation and privacy commitments. Biden mandated that all schools had to make single-sex facilities available for people who want to live a lie about what they are biologically designated.

    His order mandates that all campuses allow areas of dormitory and bathrooms to be converted to accommodate people that want to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. His forced legislation is a more direct form of What Barack Obama tried to do when he terrorized the country.

    The College of the Ozarks is the school that is taking on Biden in the court system. The lawsuit tells schools with more than 1,400 students that they have to include transgenderism in the student body. A demand that forces people to violate their convictions. A student of such orientation would want to attend a religious school to make a political statement.

    The school stated that “By promulgating a Directive imposing liability on colleges with religious objections to sex before marriage or to transgender theory, Defendants have targeted the College’s religious beliefs and practices and shown hostility toward them. The Directive, and Defendants’ enforcement of it, imposes impermissible burdens on the exercise of religion in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

    The College is not the only organization fighting for freedom. They are leading the way with states taking up legislation to ban Biden’s order from taking effect in their states.

    The state of Alabama is looking to keep males from competing in female sports. The predatory nature of males against women is the main reason why any of them would ever use a woman’s restroom. No one ever hears of a story where a girl wants to play male sports. It is always about the men playing with the girls.

    Biden made it his promise to let boys into the girl’s bathrooms as he ran for the presidency. His social agenda panders to the criminals and the extreme minority. He is letting the country become a place where the minority tells the majority what they can go and do with themselves.

    Ryan Bangert is the one representing the school. He stated that “A lot of schools like the College of the Ozarks have historically separated their dormitories based on sex.” The decision to keep girls away from men is an excellent way of keeping people safe.

    The school’s code of conduct bases its beliefs on what the Bible teaches about sex and relationships. The Constitution guarantees freedom to worship and practice religion. And for Biden to try and tell religious institutions what to do clearly is a way for him to overstep his authority.

    Bangert also noted that “No one denies the need to treat every person with dignity. What we’re talking about is the government forcing religious institutions to violate their religious beliefs under threat of government sanction… This is not a singular event. This is part of an agenda.”

    The liberals need to tear down the conservative base of religion to establish their form of liberal indoctrination. They hate the fact that Bible-based teachings fight against the evil doctrine that they try to brainwash kids with. They do not want the balance that exists between the two belief systems. They want to control it all and do not want to share the future with anyone.


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