Gabbard Sounds Like a Beauty Queen Instead of a Congresswoman


    World peace. Hunger. These are the things that beauty queens promise. They stand up at their podiums with their manicured fingers holding the microphone and speak of things that they know nothing about. They say that their “one wish” for this world would be to tackle such incredibly heavy topics as world peace and hunger as if it no big deal at all.

    And, now, Tulsi Gabbard is starting to sound a lot like all of them.

    The former congresswoman and presidential candidate released a video on Twitter where she made her plea. “Please, please let us stop the racialization of everyone and everything — racialism.”

    That’s a great plea – and one that is not easily achieved. She calls for people to start looking at everyone as individuals and as “part of the human family.”

    It’s as if Gabbard has no idea what’s going on inside of the Democratic Party. Perhaps she needs to talk to some of her former coworkers within Congress. Many of them claim that they want to end the “systemic racism” plaguing the nation, yet they’re only creating a bigger problem.

    There’s no way to end racialization based on the current tactics being taken.

    Across the United States, Democrats are fighting to end honors classes in public schools because they establish racism. Democrats are fighting to defund police departments because they are racist in their actions. Democrats are even fighting with employers and government agencies to provide “white supremacy” training.

    The moment that you have to identify people by race and treat them differently, you’re establishing racialization. No color should be held more or less accountable than another.

    Gabbard is right about one thing – we are all part of the human family. Every child, regardless of color, is entitled to free public education. This also means that every child, regardless of color, has the same ability to rise to the top.

    Turning everything into a racial issue is destroying the country. It also negates any progress that people of color have made on their own.

    Oh, there’s a black valedictorian? They probably had help in school. Oh, there’s a black mayor? He must not have had anyone running against them.

    Every single day, Democrats are eager to put down the accomplishments of people of color because there are stories of other people of color who have not achieved those accomplishments.

    If we are all part of the human family, we are all capable of success. It shouldn’t be hinged on whether a person is White, Black, Hispanic, or of any other color or origin.

    Yet, here’s Gabbard making a video so that she can seem as though she’s prepared to change the world. She says, “We are all children of God, and therefore family in the truest sense, no matter our race or ethnicity.”

    Is she actually a member of the Democratic Party? She’s clearly one of the stray moderates that the liberals love to despise. After all, the Democratic Party has been trying to get away from God, taking it out of the swearing-in process, oaths, and so much more.

    It appears as though Gabbard may have finally seen some of the truths that the GOP has been fighting to point out. Within her video, she points blame by saying “The mainstream, propaganda media and politicians — they want us to constantly focus on our skin color and the skin color of others because it helps them politically or financially.”

    Exactly. Now, what is she going to do about it?

    This would have been the perfect platform for her to provide a plan. Is she running for Senate? No. Is she asking Congress to impeach Biden? Again, no.

    The beauty pageant speech that Gabbard has given is sweet, but it’s not going to fix the country. She may win a crown, but that’s about all that her Twitter video will win her as it is her party that is creating such racialism and hate throughout the United States.


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