It Appears as Though Mexico is Quite Fond of the Drug Cartels


    There’s a serious problem in Mexico – and it’s been spreading into the U.S. for years. The drug cartels are creating bigger drug problems. They’re also the ones making bank on the immigration problem at the border.

    If only Mexico would deal with the drug cartels, it would allow things to improve.

    Nope. It appears that Mexico is content with leaving the drug cartels alone – and this makes it harder for law enforcement to do their job.

    The U.S. has been working to slow the drug cartel activity in Mexico for a while now. However, there’s been little to no progress because the law enforcement and military in Mexico aren’t interested in collaborating.

    Imagine if the United States of America and Mexico could team up to wipe out the drug cartels once and for all. It could solve the issues of not only drugs but also immigration.

    Yet, Mexico doesn’t want to do anything about them. It’s easier to do nothing than to try to fight the cartels – and this is why the cartels continue to grow in power.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration has acknowledged that the situation is becoming a threat to national security and national health. The cartels operate in such a way that they’re not afraid of Mexican law enforcement. They’re being left alone, so they feel as though they can do what they want.

    As such, the cartels are operating illegal labs throughout Mexico. They’re making fentanyl, methamphetamines, and more. Then, they’re smuggling those into the U.S. It leads to breaches in border immigration and it leads to the continued drug crisis across the country.

    Why is it that Mexico is choosing to take such a hands-off approach with the drug cartel?

    Fear. An entire country is terrified to stand up against the drug cartel. Matthew Donahue, the DEA Deputy Chief of Operations has said that they’re willing to share intelligence with Mexican counterparts “but they themselves are too afraid to even engage with us because of repercussions from their own government if they get caught working with DEA.”

    If Mexico is going to allow the activity to happen, what chance do we have of improving things in the U.S.? It takes both countries to work toward making improvements. And Mexico is acting like they simply can’t be bothered by it.

    Donahue has said that the only way to slow the violence in Mexico and keep Americans safe is by getting Mexico’s cooperation. Does the country not realize that they have to stand up to the drug cartel?

    There may be other issues going on – including government officials connected to the cartel. After all, if they’re able to make money off of the cartels operating without the intervention of law enforcement, it’s in their best benefit to just turn their heads and pretend as though nothing is happening.

    U.S. officials already had to arrest former Mexican Defense Minister Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda last October because he was suspected of working with a cartel, helping with a trafficking operation.

    Although Cienfuegos Zepeda had all charges dropped when Mexican officials pressured former Attorney General William Barr, the fact is that there were still government officials connected with the cartels.

    Some kind of peace has to be established between the United States and Mexico. If the two countries cannot see eye to eye on drug cartels, what hope is there for them to see eye to eye on immigration?

    Things are likely to get a lot worse simply because Mexico will allow the drug cartels to continue doing exactly what they’re doing. This means that the cartel will not only continue pushing drugs into the U.S. but they’ll also be working with Mexican and Central American citizens who want into the U.S.

    And what will the Biden administration do about it all? They’ll turn their heads and pretend that there’s no issue – just as the Mexican government has done.


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