Half the Nation Standing up to Biden – Proves Trump Should Have Won the 2020 Election


    According to a report by Dan Bongino, over half the nation is taking the Biden administration’s words very seriously, though it might not be the way they had hoped.

    For you see, over half the country has taken Joe Biden and his puppeteers so seriously, that they’ve set into action their plans to protect the rights that the Democrats appear to be grabbing at, including their second amendment rights.

    The report indicated that almost half of the counties in the nation have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” in defiance of what is believed to be forthcoming unconstitutional gun control laws being threatened by the Biden administration.

    “In just 2020 alone over 400 local governments, mostly counties, adopted resolutions declaring themselves to be ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’ in defiance of future gun control legislation. Many resolutions are symbolic, while others specify that no government resources will be used to enforce additional gun laws,” The Bongino report stated.

    This is significant because of the propaganda that is being peddled by the left that anyone who is conservative or hopes to conserve the traditional way of life in America, is severely in the minority, antiquated, being left behind, part of a relic of a changing world. The facts, however, have contradicted that narrative, as they so often do.

    “According to data from Sanctuarycounties.com and Constitutionalsanctuaries.com, 46% of all U.S. counties are now sanctuary cities,” The Bongino report goes on. “According to the sites’ webmaster Noah Davis: ‘There are 1,459 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, out of a total of 3,144 counties, but I’m still tallying them right now… but they’re happening so fast, and I’m just one person in Virginia.’”

    So, to break that down, it appears that 46 percent of the counties in the United States are not only friendly to firearms, they’re so majority that the politicians in those local counties don’t even consider it controversial enough of an issue to avoid, they have ushered in the preservation of the Second Amendment like their lives depended on it. And spoiler alert, they probably do.

    There was some clarification to be had about the report, however (because we’re conservatives, and we believe in actual reporting, not just bending the news to fit a narrative):

    “This isn’t to say that nearly half of the country lives in a second amendment sanctuary, as most of these sanctuaries tend to be in rural areas,” The Bongino report clarified. “Half of the country lives in coastal counties, and even a single country like Los Angeles has more population than the smallest 1,200 counties combined.”

    Their report went on to say though that in the month of April 2021 alone the governors of Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have all signed measures that would make their states “sanctuary states” as a way of protecting Second Amendment rights for their citizens.

    The significance of the right to bear arms can’t be overstated. It’s is the last and largest hurdle that any tyrannical force has to overcome if it plans to yank the freedoms forcibly from any American citizen who wants to stand in their way.

    Take the issue of forced vaccinations, for instance: it’s a peculiar one, partially because many of those who support the actual vaccinations, do not support their forceful implementation. Typically people are either for or against an issue. However, there are a growing number of serious conservatives who believe in the science behind the vaccines, want to receive them, and want their family to receive them, but would gladly take up arms to protect the rights of other Americans to turn them down.

    Because conceptually, conservatives are very apt to look at the big picture, and if vaccinations can be handed out forcefully today, in order to protect the “greater good” in the face of COVID-19, then forced sterilizations could be handed out later in the face of “global devastating climate change.” The slippery slope of governmental overreach starts to loom closer when the path is no longer illuminated by the rockets’ red glare and the home fires of a “well-armed militia.”


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