Unborn Babies to No Longer Be Killed by Liberals in Ohio City


    The Democrats may have everyone thinking about border issues and higher gas prices. Still, there is one town of heroes focusing on the other issues that have broader ramifications. The issue of abortion has long been ignored in the news for the past several months. The liberals do not want to face the facts that they are murdering Americans before they are ever born.

    Republicans are the one party that stands in the gap that keeps the Democrats from murdering any person that they feel is not worthy of living. They see the matter of life as an issue of convenience. If a mother decides that a baby would be a problem for her, then she has the right to murder the unborn.

    But one city in Ohio is taking abortion and declaring that it is illegal to have an abortion in their town. They have become a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” Lebanon, Ohio, is the place to be as a baby. The babies do not have to fear a Democrat coming along with a poison designed to extinguish their life.

    The city council voted unanimously to make the city a haven for the unborn. The only demon that stood against the vote quit, so there was no contest to passing the law. The town’s mayor is Amy Brewer. And she signed the law into effect, which started the minute her pen dotted the last letter.

    Brewer made it clear that “We are clearly saying in our community we do not think it is in our best interest to open a clinic or a hospital that does abortions. We are elected to make decisions based on what’s good for our community today.”

    The people in Lebanon see the unborn as members of their community. They are not random lumps of cells that can be thrown out with the trash.

    One report noted that there was a lot of support for the vote. The report noted that “Some prayed, some sang, some told deeply personal stories about rape or miscarriages. Outside city hall groups on both sides shouted at each other and urged drivers to honk for their side.”

    Brewer is a mayor that places like New York and Los Angeles need serving them. She is a person that listens. She listens to the silent voices of the smallest people.

    Stephanie Baker is one person that represents Planned Parenthood. She blasted the new law as being destructive and hurtful for women that want to murder their babies. But what she does not understand is that there are other ways for the baby to live and the mother not to be burdened with caring for the child.

    Renee Wisser is a resident of the town, and she praised the law by saying, “I think it’s an important thing for people to be aware that there are ways to protect the unborn and women still have their right to choose. This is a good thing for Lebanon, Ohio.”

    The dark minds of the Democratic people are beyond understanding. They think that a baby is a plague or cancer in a person’s life. So they go out of their way to fund and support places that murder children just because they think it is fantastic to kill.

    Planned Parenthood is not a place that helps people plan anything about parenting. Some doctors have collected the dead baby parts and stored them in jars in their homes as some trophy. It is not until after the doctors are dead that the babies are found and adequately cared for.

    Krista Wyatt was the demon that resigned from the council because they were going to pass the law. She tried to act like a victim when she stated, “I am heartbroken to not fulfill my term and I know many people will be disappointed with this. But as a respectable, decent human being, I can no longer allow my name to be associated with the Lebanon City Council.”

    For any person to call themselves a decent human being and support murder is deraigned. For anyone to think that killing a child is fine is only lying to themselves. Any person caught killing a baby by abortion will sit in jail for six months and face substantial fines.


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