Biden’s Foolish Move to Curb Migration


    The Biden administration is proving that they have no idea how to handle the immigration crisis or the economy. Their current plan is to send $861 million in federal aid to various Central American countries. They believe that this will help to target the root causes of “irregular migration.”

    Apparently, Kamala Harris has stumbled upon a “root cause” because this is the first time that the Biden administration has chosen to do anything.

    The problem is that the administration has it all wrong.

    Increasing the amount of aid and developmental assistance to Central American countries won’t directly reduce the migration into the U.S. Instead, it will only give away taxpayer dollars. And, we’ll still see the surge of migrants at the southern border.

    Susan Fratzke, the senior policy analyst for the Migration Policy Institute has said that “No, there’s not a direct correlation that we can expect, but I think it can play an important role in the broader basket of strategies to address the circumstances around migration in a particular region.”

    Then, why are we spending this money? Surely, there has to be a better way to curb migration.

    Oh, there are plenty of other ways. Closing the border and changing the narrative that all of these migrants will not get access to citizenship would be a good start. But, Biden and his band of liberals don’t want to do that. They’d rather open the border, let all of these migrants become citizens, and get them voting rights as soon as possible.

    Migrants are leaving their homes and their families in Central America to pursue entry into the United States for many reasons. Some leave because of natural disasters and others leave because of gang violence. Some also leave because they like what the liberals have promised them if they enter the U.S. – legally or not.

    The $861 million isn’t going to do anything. It’s only going to feed money into irresponsible governments so that it can be blown on useless things.

    If the money helps at all, it will be a long-term solution. There may be long-term effects that will help people to stay in their country – but it could take years to realize it all. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands more could migrate through the southern border of the U.S.

    Fratzke warned that people move for a number of reasons – and often, it’s at a “very, very local level.” With so many different factors driving a person to migrate, it’s impossible for developmental assistance to make an impact for everyone.

    The U.S. has to want to fix the problem. And it’s clear that they don’t. All we have to do is look at what Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is doing. Under his regime, the U.S. is facing a 20-year high in migrants entering the southern border. He’s allowing the borders to be torn wide open. And although he’ll say that the borders are closed, the numbers show that they’re clearly not.

    The White House is spreading the lies, too. They have reported that “Together, we can work to overcome obstacles to investment, promote economic opportunity, and support long-term development in the region.”

    The words sound good, but they’re empty. Exactly how is $861 million going to make an impact so that those obstacles are overcome? And, what is the administration doing about the current problem? What are the short-term solutions to stop hundreds of thousands more migrants from entering the country?

    We cannot continue to allow migrants to enter the country. They’re sending crime rates skyrocketing. They’re putting the economy into a tailspin.

    Yet again, we’re going to spend millions of dollars without getting any kind of return. And we can only wonder what programs the liberals are pulling $861 million from so that the Central American countries can spend frivolously.


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