Harris Fumbles Like Biden When Asked About Border Crisis


    There is nothing better in life than watching a high-profile Democrat make a mess of things when asked a simple question regarding the border crisis. Kamala Harris is the one charged with the job of securing the southern border, and so far, she has done nothing but avoid the issue for the past several months.

    Harris may be able to run, but she cannot hide for long. The media that Democrats love are beginning to dig into the unapproachable administration, looking for answers to questions that they need answers to. The American people are demanding answers to specific questions, and so far, Biden or Harris has provided anything substantial.

    A reporter asked the vice president a simple question. She was asked, “Can you help us understand how this trip in particular to Guatemala and Mexico helped shift your thinking on that position in particular? And now that you’ve seen the root causes of migration and where that journey begins for many, how soon will you go to see where it ends for many of them as well?”

    The administration wants people to think that the root causes of the crisis are not fixable. They want people to think that it will take massive amounts of time to stop the flow of migrants coming northward. But she fails to remember that Donald Trump had the border fixed until her boss stole the office.

    Harris is not a very good public speaker. She gets mixed up easily and ends up contradicting herself the longer she stays behind the microphone. She lied again when she said the “The issue of root causes, is not going to be solved in one trip that took two days.” She is just biding her time so they can leave the border open as long as possible.

    She went on to try and use history as the reason why it takes so long to solve a straightforward issue. She noted that “This is an issue that is long-standing, is in many cases generational. It is not a new issue for the United States, to feel the effects of those root causes on our shores. It is not new, for us to experience that people will come to the United States if they are fleeing situations where they cannot feed their children.”

    The issue is only generational or comes up when a Democrat sits in office. They refuse to do what is necessary to shut down the border and stop the illegal flow of drugs and humanity coming into America. The truth behind Harris’ delay is that they do not want to solve the problem because they need it to be corrupt the country with their liberal lies.

    She makes it sound like she has been working on the issue from the start. But there has been nothing done except setting up more detention centers for kids to be held in. Biden’s great idea was to open up shipping containers to put the youth in for housing. Nothing more than a metal prison for illegals to live in.

    Harris admitted more lies when she shallowly stated, “So this work is the work that must be done with a commitment to going deep and making the commitment over a period of time knowing that nothing that we can do will address it overnight.”

    Over and over, she keeps saying that it is going to take a lot of time. She is right about that one point. It has taken her two months to admit that there is a southern border that she should at least visit.

    She continued. “So that is my perspective on this issue. And I am committed to doing what is necessary in the time that we have to deal with the complexities of this. It will do a disservice to the issue itself, the issue at the border. It would do a disservice to the issue itself if that is the issue that that concerns some, to address the root causes as though it’s something that can be dealt with overnight.” Maybe she should spend the night at the border to know what it feels like to live under the threat of attack day after day.


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