Biden Plays the Puppet on a Stage Owned by His Masters and Becomes the Summit Clown


    The Democratic Party wishes that Joe Biden would be that obedient little boy they need him to be. They cannot afford to have him speaking out of turn or answering questions because he might tip the tables on their secret plans of taking over the country. He is that naughty little child that they wish would learn to obey authority.

    There is no doubt that Joe Biden is told what to say and how to say it. The cards that he reads from are prepared in advance. And when he takes the stage, his entire staff is praying like mad that he sticks to the plan. But there are times when the old man cannot help himself and steps out of line and challenges the authority over him. He is the puppet that loves to try and cut his strings.

    Otherworld leaders cannot stand to be around the man. At the G7 meetings of world leaders, Biden was the laughingstock of the show as he could not keep from making sounds and mixing up facts and names of people.

    At one point, Biden nearly got himself into a bit of trouble when he was asked a question regarding specific policies that the United States had. The reporter nearly had to run for his life after Biden snapped at him and nearly took his head off.

    Over and over again, Biden kept telling people that he would get into a lot of trouble if he started answering questions. When he was asked questions in the past, nothing stopped him from running his mouth and trying to answer them. But his puppet masters must have spanked him for being a naughty president. So now he whines about not answering questions because he will get into trouble if he does.

    Biden’s masters provide the media with a list of questions that they are allowed to ask. But there is always one reporter who cannot help it and asks a question that is not on the approved list.

    Biden just kept on telling people that he would be in trouble if he answered unauthorized questions. And when the reporter asked, “You have often said repeatedly that ‘America is back,’ At the same time, you’ve kept in play some Trump-era steel and aluminum sanctions. And I wanted to ask you: When you’re having these conversations with European allies who are very concerned about these sanctions, how do you justify that? And what are your plans for — ”

    The reporter could not even finish his question before having his head lopped off by Biden. Even his harsh words were messed up. Biden stated, “A hundred and twenty days. Give me a break. Need time.” As if to say that what the reporter was trying to ask about would take more time.

    The mess up for Biden is that he does not know how long he has been president. It has been 145 days since he cheated and walked into the White House.

    It is the moments when Biden messes up that the world laughs. During the summit, the old man was laughed at because he kept forgetting things that were just said. He kept making noises that would end up forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tell him to shut up.

    At one point, Johnson was saying, “… to say how pleased I am to welcome those who have just joined us in some pretty spectacular weather. With them, Prime Minister Modi, President Ramaphosa, President Moon …”

    It was at that moment that Biden’s mouth opened up and stated that “And the president of South Africa.” He just had to interrupt Johnson and try and correct his speech. Except Johnson had it all correct.

    Joe Biden could not fathom that Johnson was doing his job right. His old brain shorted out, and his mouth started to ramble on. Biden became the clown at the G7 meetings. And as a result, the American people hang their heads in disgust because they are the president they voted for. Biden is the president chosen by a party that cheated and seemingly got away with it.


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