Biden Fails Again to Shutdown Oil and Gas Industry as Judge Rules Against Him


    Joe Biden and his joke of an administration have the goal of making the country dependent on foreign sources of oil. They want other countries to hold America in their grips because they favor a weaker America. To achieve his goal, Biden must shut down all sources of internal drilling and keep new drilling leases from being issued. He almost had it done until a federal judge got in his way.

    A judge out of Louisiana got on Biden’s case because the anti-American president wanted to keep new oil and gas drilling leases from being approved. But, of course, denying new drilling leases on federal land is a significant part of the old man’s plan to keep America weak and need help from other countries.

    Terry A. Doughty is the judge that deserves an award for upholding the rights of all Americans to make a living for themselves and engage in free enterprise. But Biden seeks to keep that from happening. He would instead put all Americans on the welfare plan and make them beg him for food and money.

    Doughty pointed out that Biden does not have the right to stop handing out leases to people that need them to drill for oil and gas. Federal land does not belong to the Biden family. Congress is the entity that has to approve the decision to stop granting leases.

    Joe Biden loves to overstep his authority. He likes to stick his nose in areas that are out of his control. Once again, it would be the southern states that would be hit the hardest. But other states are getting in on the fun of bashing and suing Biden. Some of those suing the old man are “Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia.”

    The ruling forces the president to take some steps backward and reevaluate his demonic plan. Biden was trying to force a promise he made to the progressive House members by halting drilling. He told them that they would not allow any new permits to be issued. He wants to assure his progressive supporters that he will move America away from oil and back into the horse and buggy era.

    Doughty pointed out that Biden gave a natural explanation for his decision. The judge noted that billions of dollars are at risk of being lost. But Biden is all about killing lucrative deals. For example, he killed off a significant oil pipeline deal that would have provided thousands and thousands of high-paying jobs.

    Doughty noted that Local government funding, jobs for Plaintiff State workers, and funds for the restoration of Louisiana’s Coastline are at stake.” By Biden killing these leases, state governments are being hurt. The Democrats want to weaken state power, so they become dependent on the federal government.

    Biden is putting America on a track that will harm the security and well-being of the country. The smaller countries of the world will dictate what America can do, which is a violation of American sovereignty.

    Biden’s administration will have to lift their illegal ban on oil drilling before the companies can resume their operations. Biden’s policy of oil-importing is what is hurting the country. He refuses to let people and local communities engage in business, providing needed income for smaller towns that are already suffering from pandemic closures.

    Jeff Landry is the Louisiana Attorney General. He is pleased with the ruling. He stated, “We appreciate that federal courts have recognized President Biden is completely outside his authority in his attempt to shut down oil and gas leases on federal lands.”

    May other state and federal level leaders praise the court’s decision to uphold the Constitution and force Biden to do the same. The Democrats must be taught that they cannot just go around and make changes without proper channels. They must learn that they cannot just do things that make them feel good. As elected officials, they are bound to do the will of the people. And killing oil leases is not the will of the people.


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