Democrats Resort to Hissing as Liberal Judge Angers Them to Their Core


    The Democrats need all hands on deck if they are going to survive the next round of elections. So many of them at the state and federal level have angered their voting base enough that the voters are already looking for the next candidate to represent them in government. The people want to be heard, and all they are getting from the far-left party in silence.

    The liberals need all branches of government to work in their favor. But, unfortunately, ever since they taunted the idea of packing the court with liberal judges, the Supreme Court seems to have pulled away from liberalism. Even the left-aligning judges are working with and agreeing with the conservatives to uphold the Constitution when the Democrats refuse to abide by it.

    The liberals cannot understand why their judges, such as Amy Coney Barrett, refused to retire when they told her to. And now they are ticked off at Justice Stephen Breyer because he is now refusing to leave. They wanted these older judges to leave while they had the power to stack the court with progressive-minded judges. But the older generation does not want to give up the country just yet.

    Justice Breyer is retirement age. But he is not willing to be forced out of office just because the liberals want to put a more progressive younger version of himself in his seat so they can keep that liberal vote alive and well.

    The Democrats know that if they cannot get him to leave this year, they will lose that chance to put their satanic choice in his spot. Mitch McConnell has already stated that if he gets the majority position back, there will be no vote on a justice nominated by Joe Biden.

    One report noted that “That unsubtle message, paid for by a progressive group, has been adopted by liberal law professors and politicians, fueled further by the renewed threats by Republicans to block President Biden from appointing a Supreme Court justice.”

    The Supreme Court is the highest in America. When a ruling is passed down, that is the end of the issue. Unfortunately, there have been attempts by some politicians to downplay the importance of the court. But Breyer is one of those people who will fight for the court’s integrity even if it demands going against his liberal colleagues.

    Democrats need to force Breyer’s retirement. Everything that they want to do in the future depends on him leaving. His departure will keep the seat in liberal hands for decades to come. But Breyer and the late Ginsburg never wanted politics to dictate the makeup of the court.

    The Supreme Court is the third part of the checks and balance system. The legislature and the executive branches of government may swing in wild directions, but the court stays the same year after year. It is the one force that keeps a political party from overrunning the others serving in politics.

    The Founding Fathers saw that power was separated in the Constitution. So when one branch of government went haywire, the other two balanced it out. And now that there are two branches of government doing things to hurt the country, the third branch is essential because it will be the force that holds America together.

    Joe Biden and his band of outlaws think they can bully anyone into getting what they want. But the truth is that they cannot march into the Supreme Court and tell a justice what to do. Breyer has given his life to the service of the country by serving on the Supreme Court.

    The liberals are bleeding out as the 2022 election draws closer. They have done absolutely nothing for the country. So far, everything they have done has been for themselves. They have tried to cement themselves in their seats by removing the voter’s power from under their seat. But in the end, the voter will have the final say because the Democrats have failed at destroying the Supreme Court, which has done its job of protecting the Constitution and freedoms Americans enjoy.


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