Biden’s Handling of Israel/Gaza Conflict Is Pushing Him Under Fast…Both Liberals and Conservatives Are Pissed


    Republicans and Democrats continue to be at odds concerning the Israeli/Palestinian blood bath. Liberals feel sorry for the rebel-led Palestinian squatters who conservatives think should be evicted, post haste. The latest round of tension began when a bunch of freeloaders living on Israeli-owned property in Palestine refused to pay their rent. For a couple of decades.

    A new poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that well over half of all Democrats think the U.S. isn’t doing enough to support Palestine. Politics being what they are, a rift has developed between Democratic lawmakers. Some are still thinking for themselves while others are letting voters tell which way their wind should be blowing.

    The polled also asked its takers their thoughts on how the Biden Administration was tackling the fragile situation. The questions were asked shortly following a cease-fire that came about following 11 days of heavy attacks leaving 254 Palestinians and three Israelis dead. The majority of those polled on both sides of the political fence gave Biden an emphatic thumbs down.

    Here’s how things played out overall. Of Democrats, 51% say the U.S. should be more supportive of Palestine. Among Democrats who cling to the liberal label, the figure rose to 62%. In stark contrast, 49% of Republicans think we should be doing more for Israel. The figure climbed to 61% among those Republicans who consider themselves to be staunch conservatives.

    So no matter which party member you ask, Joe Biden is coming out smelling like cow dung no matter which way he goes. He’s backed himself into a corner. Netanyahu gave him every chance to right some past wrongs but arrogant Joe snubbed him. All of this might have been avoided with a bit of diplomacy on Biden’s behalf, but Netanyahu is no more so the clock has run out.

    Paul Spelce, a 26-year-old Texan, is the only member of his Republican family who supports Palestine. As a highly religious family, the rest say their support for Israel is a result of their deep Christian faith. Spelce is an independent voter who claims to lean to the left, and he throws his entire support behind Palestine.

    After witnessing the U.S. response to the deadly battles between Israel and Hamas militants on Gaza Strip, his opinion of Biden, albeit for different reasons than his family, is not a good one. “I started paying a lot more attention,” he said. Spelce thinks the current administration is leaning too heavily in favor of Israel as opposed to his family who thinks he isn’t doing enough.

    “I don’t think Biden’s word was that strong,” he said. “And I don’t think, you know, this administration … can actually do anything regarding the conflict.” All we can say to Biden is, “your handlers asked for this.”

    Hailing from Atlanta, Texas, 57-year-old Republican Christina Elliot said, “The new administration’s policies, its posture toward Israel, it’s totally different to President Donald Trump’s.” Trump was keeping the peace by taking the rightful side of Israel while the entire matter only serves to confuse Biden.

    “The Palestinians need to put just as much effort as Israel is into peaceful relations,” she said. She then added of Israel, “My God, they’re surrounded by enemies.”

    With 42% of liberal Democrats disapproving of the way the guy they voted for is dealing with the conflict, and another 31% of the moderate/conservative variety also being discouraged, Biden’s in trouble. If you then factor in the overwhelming majority of Republicans who’ve had it up to their pandemic masks with him, he’s a president without a country.

    Patrick Diehl, 74, from Tuscon Arizona is also a left-leaning independent. He said it was ridiculous of the U.S. to offer to rebuild what was obliterated by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. They’re doing it “so, I guess, they can be destroyed again,” he said. This seems to me kind of hapless.”

    “You know, we need a stronger position taken by the administration — pushing for actual change rather than continuation of this wretched situation,” he continued.

    Change? Now there’s an interesting concept. Wasn’t that what Donald J. Trump was achieving? Real change? But he’s no longer the president. We have Joe. May God save America. At this point, He’s the only one who can.


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